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^need to know too... Looking for xs in that shirt
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Anyone know how the shirting fits compared with last season? Was an xs in all fw shirts but these seem to have sold out everywhere this time around.
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It's slimmer, according to the web store it's "slightly slimmer in the sleeves, body, neck circumference and shoulders" (from an email, I asked them about how this season's shirting fit compared to FW12)
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xs is sold in most of the decent shirts though frown.gif
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Re: shirts, I got some extra measurements from the web store and they pretty much seem identical to the one I have from FW12... So they can't be that much slimmer redface.gif Ordered one in the same size, will post about fit when I get it
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I've been on the lookout for a bomber jacket for a while with winter on its way in Sydney. I stumbled across an Ervell bomber @ WoodWood on sale in what I figured would be my size, L. 
Clearer pictures of this particular jacket are here; [url][/url]
A few people advised me it would not be a good fit for me, however with simple returns I gave it a shot and it arrived today. 
Let me start by saying that this is an incredibly nice jacket. The material is beautiful and I wish I was completely satisfied, but I'm not used to wearing such a jacket and I fear it might not be the right fit. My initial thoughts were that it's not quite right however the more I've worn it this past hour, the more I like it. I really like the shape but I think it could be slimmer in the body (it's very round even though it's not padded/quilted). I may even have fitted into an M, though there was only this Large size in stock. An M would have been too short in the body also I'd say now looking at the pictures below. A tucked shirt or at the most a short T would look great with this, but not an untucked shirt unless it too is quite short. Ultimately, I am just unsure about the round shape on my body. It doesn't hug at all as some of you might be familiar with. 
Anyway, some pictures.

photo 16523B1B-EEEB-499D-8519-9860CD22AEBD-28513-000012709002EAE0_zps455eaa72.jpg

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Originally Posted by jwoowoo View Post

Anyone who has the short sleeve marble buttondown comment on the fit of the sleeves? I'm worried that the sleeves would grip my biceps too tightly. Always happens to be with short sleeve bds

not too tight not too loose. perfect imo. small measures 5.8" at opening.
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I really like the shape but I think it could be slimmer in the body

gtfo. looks good dude. keep it.
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IMO Ervell always fits like that elisi, short / boxy / longer in the arms

It didn't work for, I ended up selling (or soon to) most of my Ervell

However if the fit did work, I could easily only wear Ervell alone, prices are really good for the quality. Also, he is producing good designs again after a 2-3 season hiatus
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That looks better than all your WAYWT posts and not just saying b/c I like Ervell
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Thanks guys. Took another picture under a different light and tried un-tucking my shirt.


Having worn it a little longer, the only part I am really questioning is front of the armpit / corner of my chest where it's most boxy. 


Though this is probably quite common with this style of jacket. I don't think it looks bad by any means, but simply not used to it.


Length and sleeves are fine (sleeves maybe half an inch too long). If my shirt was perhaps a fraction shorter, it might just be perfect?


photo 4DE15664-8F6E-4DD7-9AF9-D71DAF96BB31-28676-0000128B57F805A9_zpsb5c1200a.jpg

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Looks better tucked. Leave jacket unbuttoned... unless you get cold I suppose. You could get away with untucked if you were wearing a t-shirt. Get a better picture and post to WAYWT if you still need further validation.
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Keep it. Looks good.

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That's just how Ervell fits and why I can't wear any of his outerwear. If you don't mind the length then keep it.
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Fit looks fine. Don't wear it with a collared shirt though. That style of jacket looks better with a tee.
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Really? I guess some bombers are but the Ervell is quite substantial. The shirt looks fine. It's a AW piece after all. 


(edit - and yeah, boxy is good)

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