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When was the Montford released by RLPL? Before the Mackay?
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Originally Posted by Baron
Holy cow dude, you're relentless. The EG is unsurprisingly exquisite, but I'm taken with the two Chelsea boots. That Stuart's choice boot is just gorgeous. Love the color, love the last, love the leather strips hiding the elastic. Are there any secrets to finding that boot other than retail at Paul Stuart?
No, it's specially made for Paul Stuart

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It always breaks my heart to see people hold back like this.
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slow week, eh, aportnoy?

love those montfords!
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I'm digging those burgundy boots. BTW, here's what A Harris has done with EG Montfords. All I can say is - HOLY SHI'ITE
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Love the jodhpurs and the EG wholecuts.
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Are you in a help group for this activity?

I've just visually loved those Grenson Chelsea Boots; finish me off by hand and draw the blinds....
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wow @ EG montfords - A Harris... ...I don't think I could wear those out
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Only 4 pair? Why the uncharacteristic restraint?
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This wasn't the guy who was complaining about the price of Vass, was it?
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the shoe king returns!
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i love the boot esp the burgundy ones!, you should open a online shoe musium
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Buy some of the RM Williams Buckle Boots. You have to have one pair. The shape and last are so versatile.

You can get made to order, maybe they can up the leather quality.
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That burgundy boot is incredible. Good show.
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Thanks one and all for the kind words, as always. As you can probably tell, I felt the "boot" thing this week.

I have to give Paul Stuart their well deserved kudos for the job they are doing with Grenson and the Masterpiece collection. There were easily a half dozen new models that I would happily add to the collection.
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