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Farrutx shoes anyone?

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Anybody know or own anything by this brand? They're another company based in the Balearic Islands of Spain. I'll be in Madrid next week, so I'm thinking of stopping by their shop, besides the obligatory tapas and visit to Albaladejo.

Stylistically they seem to have a more fashion-forward ethos than Albaladejo, no idea about construction. Their website does not give too much detail about that, so I'm assuming its not one of their selling points.
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I've been wondering the same thing. A Farrutx shop has recently opened in Stockholm and I went to check it out. I'd say most of the shoes were of the light blue, crocodile skin with golden buckles variety. However, there were a few gems. Some of their ordinary dress shoes were actually quite nice looking. I'm more curious about the quality, the price was around 260 euros, are they worth it?
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