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Cordovan & Snow

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I am thinking about buying a pair of Alden High Lace Boots (AF43). Since I live in Minnesota I will definitely be walking through a lot of snow this winter, will that completely trash the cordovan? I only have a pair of tennis shoes right now and wanted a pair of more professional looking boots compared to combat boots, but I probably won't buy the Aldens if I can't wear them in winter or through snow. I'm not saying I plan on using them as a boot to shovel snow, but walking through it is unavoidable. Any suggestions for other boots that are of a similar quality but will stand up to the weather are welcome.

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I am in the same boat. I plan to wear my AF60s in the snow----I'll be damned if I spend that much on a pair of boots without putting them through their paces.
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Cordovan does not handle the wet all that well.

If you want a pair of boots that will work well in snow and wet, try the Crockett and Jones Snowdon veldtshoen boot.

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Did you do any weather proofing Denimdestroyed?
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