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Real nice brand new 16/41 white woven dress shirt. Very nice spread collar. Barrel cuffs. $85 shipped

I've had some changes in the Incotex purchases. Below are what are left as of right now.

1.Don't know how to describe these other than to say that they are just awesome. 100% wool. Light grey, split rear waistband. Pick stitching around the fly, front pockets and coin pocket. Lined to the knee. Single pleat. The fabric weave is what is hard to describe. It's sturdy, but drapes wonderfully. Feels like a luxurious cotton wool mix. 34W, 8 1/2C, 10K, factory hemmed to 33 1/4 with a 1 1/2 inch cuff. These can probably be used as four season pants. Very nice

2.Ridiculous light weight barely-flannels. Light to mid-grey. Unlined. Extended tab. These are probably also 4 season pants, except for the hottest days of summer. I have two of these. One with the extended tab which shows the button, the other where the extended tab does not show the button. $110
34W, 8 1/2C, 9 1/2K (hidden button extended tab)
34W,8 5/8C, 10 1/2K (button through extended tab, note that these are slightly fuller)

3.These are so much fun. Mid weight 100% wool dress pants in a jean cut. The weave is almost denim like. Beautiful waistband and waistband fabric also used for the pockets. Lined to the knee. $110 34W, 8 7/8C, 9 7/8K.

6.Another fun yet gorgeous pair of pants. Mid weight wool or dare I say, light-weight flannel. Button fly. Side straps. Unlined. Buttoned back flap pockets. 34W, 8 1/2C, 9 7/8K $110