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Dark Green shoes?

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Do any of you have shoes that are not black, brown, or burgundy that you wear regularly?

I was at the Barneys sale this AM in LA and got excited when I found a pair of C&J boots. They looked brown under the warehouse lighting. However, when I left and went back to work, I realized they were actually a dark green under natural lighting.

Is there anything that green shoes would look okay with or would it look odd with most things?
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Curious to see pics, but I say rock em.
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I'll try to post pics when I get home later. I'm really curious what others think of them, they are a rather odd color. I've seen a trend of blue shoes, but not really green ones. I'm guessing they would work with most chinos or grey pants, but probably not jeans, brown, or black pants.

Unfortunately, I think the Barney's warehouse policy is final sale, so I guess my other option would be re-sell or ebay them.

In case anyone else is wondering, the selection at the LA sale was disappointing. Today was the first day, so it's before they have their continuous dropping discounts. They had very few shoes from SF approved shoemakers. Most of their shoes were from Italian makers I haven't heard of, Barney's housebrand, or overpriced items from Prada. Their suits were mostly Hugo Boss and Barney's housebrand, with a few Zegna, Isaia and Brioni scattered in with odd patterns. Their dress shirts were also mostly Barney's housebrand, although I did get the last couple RLBL size 15 dress shirts.
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If they are size 11 US, they sound hideous, and you should PM me with sale details.
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Curious to see pics, but I say rock em.

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I've never tried posting pics on SF before so hopefully I don't screw this up. By the way, I feel like an idiot after taking a picture of the box, b/c it actually states green on it. The way Barneys warehouse works though is you don't get the box until you decide to buy the shoes basically, which is probably why I didn't notice it.

Okay, couldn't figure out how to upload pictures to here but got a link to flickr working (I think?)
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For a range of green shoes, click:
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Thanks, Trini, for uploading the pictures! Now I need to learn how to do that.

Also, thanks, Alliswell, for the link. For some reason it didn't come up when I searched. I wish there were more pics/ideas of how to wear them! Good to know that green shoes are not *that* uncommon.

I still am not sure what to wear these with? Do you think chinos/grey pants would be best? I think it might look odd with denim? I can imagine the leprechaun jokes already...
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You're going to want brown pants, to tone down the suede. And then break them in - they're only going to look good worn.
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Originally Posted by TRINI View Post

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Believe that's a UK 10?

Hideous. Sell them immediately.
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My kind of thread.
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^^^I like the green boots, I'd wear those.
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