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High Roller - OK - I stopped at our local Louis Vuitton store in Scottsdale today to ask about your ring. The retail price was $850. However, I say "was", because the salesgirl told me that the company is completely sold out as the ring was a limited edition that was released as part of the seasonal ready-to-wear collection. If you have a way of getting one, and an extra $850 bucks, more power to you. I think it's kind of cool looking, but not my style and definitely beyond the price range that I would spend for a non-essential (IMHO) item. For that price, why not get a great watch that will last for the next 20-30 years? I'd suggest clothing, but at your age, your body shape could change so much over the next 5-10 years that I think buying a suit or other clothing for that much money would just be silly. Just my two cents. Bradford
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Hmm, thanks for asking them. $850 is a little much for a wooden ring as far as I'm concerned. I could get the largest Gucci icon ring for that price in white gold. That LV is sterling silver and ebony. As for watches, I don't really need one. I've had a formal Gucci watch for a couple years now and I still really like it. It should last awhile. Some friends and I have made plans for our shopping. I'm probably going to end up spending most of my money at Helmut Lang. We're going to be walking down St. Honore in Paris.
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I agree - I thought the price was rather excessive myself. I would bet for that type of money you could buy a lathe and make plenty of wood rings yourself Have a great time and be sure and let us know what you end up buying. Bradford
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Thanks Bradford. I'll probably have more questions before I leave. I asked a couple days ago about Helmut Lang prices, but I still don't have anything to compare it to. I really like some of the things in the spring collection (I'm probably the only one), but I'd like an idea of whether the prices are Gucci range or more in the realm of something like Emporio Armani. Speaking of Emporio, I saw a very similar ring to the Vuitton one in last month's GQ. Not even $200.
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That's quite a sharp ring, in my opinion. I probably wouldn't pay that much for it (I could get a wardrobe full of my style of clothing for that, or a nice pair of used Dsquared boots), but if you could find it and have the expendable income, it's definitely something that's going to attract some attention.
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