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Gilded Age F/W 2011

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interesting layering pieces from gilded age, check that placket.


Words by Jian DeLeon

Photos by Jay Wen


Stefan Miljanic's Gilded Age has always been weird in the sense that it combines quality craftsmanship (its name is an homage to the industrial revolution) with super-distressed looks. Much of the line's denim collection consisted of washes in a market where raw denim was king. If last season's theme was a tropical getaway, this fall is a reminder that vacation is over, and oh my god is it cold. Flannels, fair isle knits, and interesting layering pieces can be paired with one of my personal favorite pieces at (capsule), a shawl-collar colorblocked peacoat with red satin lining. The resulting coat looks both dapper and durable. Accompanying these pieces are a variety of jeans, distressed chinos with workwear details, and an interesting pair of herringbone pants.


looks like fair isle is going to stick around next season.


the line's lived-in look takes the form of these shirting fabrics.


chinos are faded in and have all the features amateur prospectors want.


abrasions and distressing give the pants character.


another look.


the indigo spectrum, gilded age style.


this shawl-collar peacoat adds a new twist to classical outerwear.


slight colorblocking and a satin lining kicks up the class factor.


lined outerwear should do its part to combat the cold.


herringbone trousers, looks like this pattern will be prevalent next season.

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i have never, ever understood gilded age. the stuff is extremely expensive, and sure, looks nice on a hanger, but fits like crap. Some of it fits great though. 2 things spring to mind - a mudwashed Type 3 style jacket from the first season, and a peacoat from FW09. Fit me great. I think that some brands (Chimala, for example) have consistent fit issues. Most other brands fit a particular customer. Maybe you are just not close enough to their fit model and/or their grading assumptions.
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Great peacoat! Those chinos though...yow.
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GA is exorbitanty expensive considerig it's really nothing mind-shattering an the fits are off most of the times. Nice write-up however.
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Originally Posted by DeltaKingdomb View Post
Excellent learn, I simply passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on that.

spammers are now just trying to get people to eat cabbage soup?
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Anyone know how they size? I'm thinking about getting a coat from them but am unsure about how they fit on me. I'm torn between sizing to a medium or sizing down to a small. I usually wear medium but I hear that their cuts are a bit boxy. The coat is listed as a regular fit and I generally prefer a slimmer look. Any one experienced out there?
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WTF?! I was hoping to see classic and formal outfits from the "real" gilded age.
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what's the matter with cabbage soup?
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Jesus wept! It looks like the 'bad rack' at a charity thrift shop. Those Chinos look the ones I throw out or wear indoors because they're no longer fit for day-wear. And that leather jacket!!crazy.gif
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The rest will have you looking Eastern European man
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I'm not even sure about the pea-coat. It looks like part of the wardrobe from the Elephant Man film, the coat worn by the sideshow barker.
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