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Originally Posted by Hanseat
I've read in the instructions for a nice sweater that you shouldn't actually 'handwash' a 'handwash' item. Instead you should put it in the washing machine, put it on the handwash-program and let this do the work. It said this would control the temperature more precise than you can with your hand. That's what I've always done and fared well with that.
I've read that the gentle cycle on modern washing machines tends to be more gentle to the garment than what most people can do with a handwash. I trust nearly all my stuff to the machine these days.
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I like Dryel too, but it only goes so far. Eventually you have to really wash/clean the garment.

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ive done hand wash alot of times on many dry clean only items and have fared well.
the modern wash machine i agree may have a better hand washing system, but for those who dont have this ,
i recommend doing your hand wash in a bathtub or a basin with no drain or sharp appendage sticking out in it, doing the hand wash with no forceful pulling or dragging of the cloth with your hands (as you may not notice, but the weight of the water will drag and pull on the delicate cloth when you pull the sweater out of the water to dunk it back in.

and obviously, do Not tourniquet the cloth to squeeze out all the water, gently press the water out and lay out flat to dry.
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