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the Barneys on Madison Ave does carry Vibergs in store.
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Waiting for #90 to be shipped. Derby Country (Sample Pattern), Brown Wax Flesh, False Toe Cap, 2040 Last, No Box Toe, size 8

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Originally Posted by Steel28 View Post

Waiting for #90 to be shipped. Derby Country (Sample Pattern), Brown Wax Flesh, False Toe Cap, 2040 Last, No Box Toe, size 8

very nice grab.
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Killer looking boot! I hope they fit you well

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congrats on those @steel!...
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Originally Posted by mijama View Post

very nice grab.

Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

Killer looking boot! I hope they fit you well

Originally Posted by Finn666 View Post

congrats on those @steel!...

Thank you, hope these will fit!
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Got a bunch of swatches today. Now I am going to combine the best of a bunch of worlds: the sophisticated greys of the goth ninjas, the style of a street/designer brand like Visvim, and the workmanship of a traditional bootmaker. All Frickin Win.
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Argh didn't know there would be another round... I shoulda checked this forum more often.

In case these don't fit the lucky buyer, please contact me...

76. Lace To Toe Oxford, Copper Task Roughout, Beige 2021 Sole, 110 Last, Box Toe $350, SZ: 8

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@meadowstyle, sorry to hear. Great second chance opportunity for somebody (with more cash than me biggrin.gif)
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Originally Posted by joebarker View Post

Just a noob question, why are Viberg boots so hard to come by? Unlike Red Wing and even Alden boots, I can't simply find them at some online store or something. 

Just thought i'd adress this quickly. To put things in perspective Red Wing makes about 5000 Made in USA shoes a day. I believe Alden is somewhere in the 300-400 range. We can produce about 25 pairs a day running at max capacity and up to half of those are true work boots. That means for our fashion related boots we are somewhere in the 10-15 a day range. We complete all of the 200+ steps of production in house which is something most companies cannot claim (you'd be surprised by how many "Made in _____" companies are mostly constructed overseas). Outside of the differences in materials and manufacturing methods, we have a small team on the factory floor, many of whom have 10+ years experience, as well as Glen Viberg himself personally finishing and checking every single pair. It's a unique company to say the least.

All of that being said, we will be launching Viberg.com in mid-June with a great selection of ready made boots and are continuing to slowly open up distribution with some of the best stores around the world.
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For those of you interested, the Country Derby boot posted above will be added to our line up of offerings shortly. The pair Steel picked up is one of the original handcut patterns, but a slightly altered version is being graded out right now. It's a really great pattern that looks awesome in two-tone configurations.
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Spot on Guy.
Once you own a pair you will know. They blow any other boots I know or own out of the water.
I've a custom pair being made on top of my 3 stock pairs. These will last a lifetime but I just can't help buying more they are so so immense in construction and style.
I've had most of the respected names mentioned, (RW, Diemme, Fracap and even Moncler or Vis). These are just on a level of their own and make the others look like wellies (wellingtons boots in the UK) in comparison.
(Can I have a job in sales Guy?)
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Any chance of some sample pairs being made in each last so customers can order and then return? This way customers can assure proper fit on the last they want? As an example, Rancourt sends you two sizes for a $50 fee which is then applied as a discount to your order. Until further distribution is opened I think something like this would really help. I know I would be ordering more quickly if I was able to ascertain my exact 2030 sizing.
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^ considering they can't keep up with demand, do you see them complicating things to increase demand with no benefit to supply or margin?

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