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dah... no 1950 service boot in 9.5 But #23... that walnut cordovan boot is sweet.
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how does viberg fit? and are those sizes US or UK?
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Wow, these look amazing! Too bad I missed out on size ...

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How do Vibergs run in terms of width?


I have a feeling us wide-foot folks aren't going to have many offerings here. cold[1].gif

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There's a pair I'd pony up for if someone from Viberg would answer the U.K or U.S. sizing issue. Viberg uses UK sizing on their web site.

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I'm not hearing anything back after an hour..... anyone having any luck?

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Apologies for the density, how can you find the list? Much appreciated.
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nope not yet, tried to buy those "19. service boot, walnut cordovan, dainite sole, 10 eyes $500 Sz – 8" and just realized that my email was a bit confusing.. Got so excited and tried to type fast :D Oh well, I still have high hopes they'll contact within the 24 h.

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Yeah I tried for the same ones but I'm afraid I was too late.... good luck!

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I emailed for 24 in a size 10, so we'll see. I was pretty quick though.
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Originally Posted by EastWestApparel View Post

Apologies for the density, how can you find the list? Much appreciated.


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seriously, how are the damn things sized??

don't understand why that piece of vital info is omitted from the listing...
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I emailed right off the bat (first 8 minutes of post), but I was still probably slow, I assume you had to be within 5 minutes

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I'm going to start responding with invoices now, but it will be an all day thing. We received over 100 emails in less than an hour. As far as sizing goes all Vibergs are sized and stamped the same. We say UK because they fit about a whole size large. People have been offering up their sizing advice in this thread, and they all seem to know what they are talking about. Personally i wear a 44 in Common Projects, a 12 in most Nikes and other athletic shoes, 10.5 in Red Wing Moc Toes, 11 in Red Wing Postman, and i take a 10.5 or 11 in Viberg. I seem to wear pretty much all of the lasts in the same size, though i prefer the shallow shape of the 2030 most. For those of you who didn't see anything in this round, trust me there is a ton more great stuff on the way. Should have another large batch ready for next Monday. Now i've got some emails to answer.
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So they were listed in UK? Perfect

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