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Originally Posted by migsy999 View Post

I think he runs or owns Four Horseman.
I'm confused as to how this will work.
Who are we ordering from?
That's if I manage to bag what I'm after.


I'm all a-tingle with the mystery of it all.

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f5 f5 f5

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Excited about the sample sale!

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Dear god, this is going to be exciting...
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It started 15 minutes ago...


Most styles are sold out already. cold[1].gif



just kidding

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Hey everyone,

Just to clear a few things up. The sale will be posted tomorrow afternoon in a dedicated thread. We'll promote it as soon as it's up so you won't have any trouble finding it. 30 styles are shot and ready to go up tomorrow and we've probably got another 30 that will get posted in bunches as the month goes on. This sale will incude a bit of everything. Because Viberg has never really done a sample sale there are pairs from years ago, right up to very recent stuff. You've got overrun boots, collab pieces, cosmetic seconds, sample leathers/soles, hand cut patterns, cordovan, etc all in a variety of sizes. Prices will start at $300 and go up to $500 for things like cordovan. Shipping is flat rate $25 for N. America and $50 for International. Payments will be taken via paypal at Essentially, if you are interested in a pair you will email us the details and then we will respond with a paypal invoice. All sales are final.

We've already received a ton of emails and we expect boots to move quickly. If there is a pair in your size that you want i suggest jumping on them. We will certainly do our best with sizing and other questions, but priority will go to those ready to buy. Hope that clears some things up. I suggest everyone save your questions until you've seen the thread as things will be pretty self explanatory once it's up. If there is something i've missed feel free to ask here or contact us at

For those of you wondering about my involvement, i've stepped away from my day-to-day role at Four Horsemen and have taken a full time position at Viberg where i am working on some new and very exciting projects (more on those in the coming months). I'll still have an active role in 4H behind the scenes and will continue to help with the buying and special projects.
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This is going to be a total lottery. Who can type an email the fastest??
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You just joined styleforum because of the sample sale
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Yes. What's wrong with that? I have lurked for ages and thought it was as good a time as any to join. I already own 3 pairs of viberg so why should I miss out because its exclusive to the forum?
I think I have a right to buy some one off Vibergs the amount I have laid out over the last 18 months on the boots.
Now I'm here anyway I will be contributing to the forum a lot.
Sorry if I've offended you, but I can see a lot of new members just posting for sale only. It's going to be messy I reckon.
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^I think he means you've got to be registered for AT LEAST 3 years to purchase icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifsmile.gif
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Well that's a long long time before you can buy from classifieds. As far as i understand this sale you email Viberg directly once the pics are up. That means you don't even have to be a member necessarily?

I have already spoken to them over email anyway so i doubt those rules are gonna apply.

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This is a very special sale smile.gif. (I am joking BTW smile.gif )
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does anyone have any idea which timezone guy is using when he says "afternoon"? i was thinking it might be BC timezone as viberg is based in vancouver but can't say for sure.

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It's been postponed for a month smile.gif


Not really. I spoke to Guy over email and he said Pacific time so sometime in the next 7-8 hours. The Viberg crew will all be in bed now while GMT-ish buyers sweat it out.

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ah nice, thanks for the info! i can sleep now :)

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