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Okay, moving on from the tale of the tongue freakout..
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mmm. hmmm.

a 12 @ find finn.
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post

... the wait time for a new pair wasn't feasible.
Was he going to make another attempt at making what you wanted?
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Iirc he said our bad for effing up your order what can we do to make you happy. Just couldn't get behind another pair.
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Boondockers available without a wait.

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I'm cutting up all my credit cards   .   .   .

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Anyone else out there own or share my obsession with the 83 engineers? 10+ for a collabo order? If I'm gonna do this I need all the savings I can get biggrin.gif

I'd basically take this version but in a 9" height r/t 11"

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I share the obsession with Viberg.  I would like to visit the factory store and see some of these IRL.

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Anyone got the Boondockers and care to share a few pics?

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The Boondockers are nice looking shoes - the Nigel Cabourn service boot even nicer - however I am really having a problem with the price of these.  $665 plus shipping puts them at $700.  Trickers cost me $500 - Red Wings are half price.  Sorry just my opinion - and what is keeping me from pulling the trigger.  Nice shoes though.

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I have a pair of service boots that were made of Walnut Cordovan. They are one of a kind. Brett had been using them at trade shows around the World for quite some time. I thought that I was a size 8, but it turns out that, much to my disappointment, they do not fit. I was wondering if anybody else who is a size 9 in Alden is familiar with what size that equates to in Viberg.

As most of you know, only the finest shells can be used by Horween to make Walnut. Any shell can be tanned into. Black, # 8 and, as more imperfections appear, it becomes impossible for Horween to turn them into #4, Cigar, Ravello, Walnut and Whiskey.

The boots have been tried on, but have never been worn. If you want to see pictures of them, you can look at the Viberg Blog under walnut or you can look at the Viberg Boot page on Facebook where I have posted pictures. Viberg currently is very constructed in terms of the Cordovan Shells that they can get from Horween. I don't want to speak for Brett because, as I'm sure you all know, he is capable of miracles; but there will not be another boot like this for a long time. Leffot is selling there # 8 for $980. The price for these will be commensurate with what they are. A one of a kind Cordovan Service Boot made using the rarest Horween Cordovan and they are a size 8.
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Anyone know what the last on the 4H service boot is? I'm guessing it's 2030, but figured I'd check. 

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Will Viberg custom make the original Cabourn Service Boot if asked?  Exactly as Nigel specified complete with the distressed broken in look?

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Originally Posted by misterjuiceman View Post

Anyone know what the last on the 4H service boot is? I'm guessing it's 2030, but figured I'd check. 

Yup. I just ordered a pair of their new nubuck bobcats, and it states explicitly that the last for both boots is the 2030.
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