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very interested in a pair of these.. any word on a release?



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I left a comment on the Viberg blog noting that there are several members here interested in these boots (there was a discussion about them on the Rancourt thread).

Brett Viberg responded there that, for now, these would have to be obtained through a direct order, and he suggested that I inquire via private message for further info.

Mailed him back today about whether this leather is currently available and if it would be possible to do a group order here on SF. Haven't heard back yet, but will post any new info here.
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^ What kind of leather/suede is that Kashiwa? Is that the chromexcel turned out?
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Sorry, should have mentioned the 2 sources were these boots were discovered: Horween and Viberg blogs.

It was historically called "Marine Field", but I do not know if Horween has another name in the works for a potential release? The leather is indeed (natural) CXL "rough-side-out", but where "the back side of the leather is treated to give it a nice, level knap" in order that "the boots could be left unlined while still having a finished, comfortable medium to contact the foot. This was particularly advantageous in North Africa, where the troops could up-end their boots to easily empty them of sand, thus greatly reducing blisters and increasing comfort."

Not sure, but perhaps the leather on the tongue is iced mocha CXL?
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Sounds like it would be a very interesting make-up.
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I've been discussing a "Boondocker" boot in the "Marine Field Shoe" reverse CXL leather with Viberg. They've indicated that we could receive around a 10% discount for a group order of 10 or more pairs. Each boot would need to be built to the exact same specs. If it's not possible to get ten guys together, the leather is still available for individual custom orders (price around $665).

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Would you put a commando sole on it or leave as is? 

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We could do a commando sole. We could do a totally different boot. The catch is, whatever we do: any changes would have to be agreed upon by 10 guys.

Personally, I would love to see a commando sole on this boot (i.e. Viberg 1950's service boot).
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Start a thread dedicated to pulling together a group purchase. Link it here, rancourt, and wherever else would be relevant. Depending on when you need the money and final configuration, I'd be in icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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i've been trading emails with them also, just haven't had the time to measure my feet for my pair.. will wait a bit to see if a possible group buy comes to fruition. I'm in for a pair that looks like the pic posted, possibly still in if commando sole is incorporated instead.

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im interested in well; if commando sole, i think a half sole will work best
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I might be interested in that boondocker special order Kashiwa, depending on timing/funds.

Need to take a ferry up to Victoria some time and check out the shop.

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I might be potentially interested as well. I live just a ferry ride away from viberg as well
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Well we've had at least 7 guys express interest in the boot, so I think I'll start up a separate thread. Feel free to broadcast it around.
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You guys are killing me.  I may have to sell some Aldens and get in on this.  How does sizing run on Viberg?

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