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Bold, underline and colour, too! Oh, SHIT!

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I think leather laces work best with vibergs... Feel like waxed laces might be too dressy looking on a tough boot like vibergs but that's just me. Prefer the wax laces on boots like the 1k and indys. I guess either way, you have a pair of awesome boots with good laces.
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Just got word yesterday from Morgan that my new MTO service boots, black horsehide on the 110 last, are shipping out -- several weeks earlier than I expected!  Nothing like waiting for a new pair of Vibergs to get one's blood going.  I will post pictures upon arrival. Really excited about these..


That also means that getting rid of the pair of 310s I am selling, also black horsehide service boots (10D), is more of a priority.  If you're interested in them, feel free to make a reasonable offer.

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I sent an email to the MTO email today, is there a better email to reach them at or am I just being impatient? :embar:

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I would say impatient
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Expect them to check MTO inbox 1~2 days a week. It could take weeks to place an order ESP if you haven't figured out most of the details. But remember it's custom order from a small family owned business and I'm totally ok with that. Morgan was very helpful. Great guy.
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Yeah I guess I'm just anxious that's all!
Finally just decided to take the jump and go MTO. I have most of what I want in mind, just a few things I'm unsure of.
Really looking forward to adding some Vibergs to the collection, I'm sure they will be well worth the wait.
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Wore mine for the first time yesterday and LOVED them. Didnt hurt that I got 5 compliments.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Viberg!
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Have we already discussed 145 oxford for Inventory? I think Inventory often does decent work.


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I hadn't seen an all-black Viberg Service Boot with black Christy sole before, so I inquired with Viberg about a custom pair. The end result: a 1950’s 8-Hole Service Boot constructed from Tumbled Black Italian Roughout leather on a Black 2014 Christy sole. I also had our family's Chinese character stamped on the heel insert for some added uniqueness. 


For more photos/details:


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Nice! That turned out well
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Great boots Edmund.

My boon dockers coming up to 2 months of wear.

Indigo stains!

Indents from wrapping the laces:
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Those look great Arizor!
Still waiting on a reply, I'm sure they're getting caught up from Canadian thanksgiving.
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It is Arizor's pic's that sold me on the "Boondocker" still working on banging the new out of them..


Its a great boot and money well spent...


Thanks again for the post.


Enjoying life and having fun.....

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