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^ All good wink.gif
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ShootThePier thanks for the kind words, I'm glad I swayed you into getting an Appaloosa!

I just ordered the midnight version last night, as the original lot A has become one of my favorite shirts that I own.

And I think I will end up going for the 12 as per your recommendations, and if they end up being a little big I can always buy some insoles.

I have a little bit of toe room at the end of my foot on my 11.5 Indy boots, but the width and heel feel very nice. Most comfortable boots / shoes that I own.

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If u got some room left at the tip, Hopper 11.5 on partially structured toe might work__ since the shape/contour of the toe wall will be held in place by the "ping-pong" material ... tough call­čśČ
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I have a little bit of room on the end of the toe, mainly just the length of the boot, but I think it would be safer to go with the 12 as you have suggested and have a little extra room instead of them being too small and uncomfortable.

Thanks for all the help everyone! Now the wait begins. I'm also interested in the 2045 Boondockers, but I need to wait a bit on ordering those. 

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Question: what size are Viberg service boot eyelets? Looking to possibly replace myself rather than deal with the hassle of shipping boots here and there and risk losing them in the shitty mail service I've been experiencing lately. Eyeballing what I've seen at craft stores seems to me like they're 6mm or quarter-inch eyelets.


Also, any examples of gunmetal or silver eyelets on natural cxl boots? I hate my polished yellow brass eyelets and want something less flashy.

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Needed some therapy last night, cleaning up your boots is one of the greatest ways.


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What "refreshments" were served to both parties?
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Originally Posted by bkotsko View Post

Needed some therapy last night, cleaning up your boots is one of the greatest ways.

Those are beautiful.
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Originally Posted by kingk View Post

Sample sale ­čśü

Wonder if anyone will be willing to do some proxying
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We are excited to announce our second annual Sample Sale in NYC.  Taking placeJune 3-5 at Ludlow Studios in New York's Lower East Side.  There will be over 400 pairs of boots and shoes available including one-off samples, cosmetic seconds and overstock inventory.  Prices will range from $100-600 (USD).  Space inside the venue is limited so please be courteous and expect long queues.  All sales final.  Credit card payments only.



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Second for a proxy request.  Please PM me if you plan on going and are willing.  

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Wish I was able to go up there for this!
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Interested, need a proxy for Illinois buyer (me)!
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Damn really wanted to go. I have enough airline points to pretty much cost me nothing. Wife shot it down without a thought.
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