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I mean it's little risk as barneys is a big store and you shouldn't have issues

But still some risk like what if package lost / damaged and you get a stingy SA at barneys

Also depends on your available credit limit on you cc
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Originally Posted by guyferguson View Post

The UK / US thing is admittedly very confusing. Our boots fit large, like most work boots do, but the lasts are made in USA and we are a Canadian company, so to say that they are UK sizes isn't exactly true. It was before my involvement with the company, but at some point our work boots were listed as UK in an effort to help people adjust for how large they are. In general our true industrial boots do feel larger than our casual offerings because of the lasts and structured (often steel) toe boxes. It's really just a matter of semantics. What's the difference between UK or a large fitting US last? Nobody calls Red Wing or Alden UK, but for most customers our boots fit the same. The real problem with this comparison is when people think they have to go another size down from an American boot brand because we're supposedly "UK". If i did that i wouldn't even be able to get my foot into the shoe.

I always assumed the lasts were made in-house. Who's making the lasts?

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Are the boots that are posted up on available to be shipped now if purchased? Or is there still a, like, 5 year wait time?

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Originally Posted by Royal42 View Post

Are the boots that are posted up on available to be shipped now if purchased? Or is there still a, like, 5 year wait time?

Generally available now

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I just sent my tracings off to Morgan. I am really curious what he will recommend compared to what I am thinking

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Re: 2030 last,

I found it to be pretty shallow in the toe box as has been described here. The breaking in process was a bit uncomfortable, I'm used to getting heel blisters on new footwear I walk too much in but a blister on top of the big toe was new to me. Now that they're broken in the toe box is extremely supple and the boot now conforms to everything from the ball of my foot to the tip of my toes. I'm not used to the leather of a toe box resting on top of my toes, but now it is extremely comfortable. It's so damn comfortable I want to call it a slipper boot.
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damn, where I can find these bad boys?

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I think they might be selling them at super denim in the UK? I'm also selling that but with a toecap.
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unfortunately, they are sold out in my size at superdenim. and I belive it's scout boots.
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Ah yes, scout boots they are.
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Some pics of Viberg for 4HS ( black buffalo & rough out service boots (+ few with the manufactum black shell cordovan boots next to them). 








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^^ Both are great looking boots. Nice purchases.
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Ended up picking these up blindly for under $300. I absolutely love everything about them but they were 8.5d and I'm normally a 9d in red wings.

Lets hope I didn't blow it.

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Good show. I was eyeing those for weeks. Other than the marks on the counters they looked brand new
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