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I have ordered a pair of 1950 Service boots. I was curious about sizing as many people have seemed to be.


I wear a US10/UK9 in Doc Martens and those fit very tight.


Will a US10/UK9 in 1950's fit larger or similar to the Doc Martens?

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^Depending on the last (I'm only really familiar with the 2030), I believe you typically go for your UK shoe size. I typically take a 10 US, and my service boots and oxfords are both size 9.
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Ah I see.


Well at least one of my feet will fit snugly (my right foot is almost a full size larger than the left).


Thanks for the response in a week old thread.

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hey guys, i'm thinking about taking the plunge on these:




the thing is, i'm a little bit hesitant about spending so much on a pair of suede shoes. i know vibergs are extremely well made, but i'm concerned about their longevity with regard to things like rain (i live in london so it's often wet). obviously, i'd like to keep them in shape for as long as possible -- can any of you recommend a good product for protecting the suede from water? 


sorry if this has been covered before. i did some googling and have a pretty good idea what to do, but i was wondering if any of you viberg owners could offer up some special advice for caring for the shoes. thanks for the help.

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Roughout is an extremely durable leather. Look at how thick it is in the pictures. I don't treat mine and it holds up just fine in the rain.
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Roughout is tough, but not for those who will be bugged by a scrape or mark here or there.
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for the money why not just get a custom job direct from viberg? I placed my order with Debby last month and she said it would take like ten weeks. I dunno, imo suede like material takes babysitting and it still stains, just too much hassle, but to each their own leather i guess.
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Anyone know what happened to the viberg website? I was hoping to order some boots.
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Originally Posted by gnu View Post

Anyone know what happened to the viberg website? I was hoping to order some boots.

You can contact them through their blog: http://vibergboot.wordpress.com/.
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Are they even taking new order from customers?
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their site is still up, workboot.com, btw.
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I still cannot access their website, anyone else ?
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^I tried their website and also found it's not working. You can always email Brett at brett@workboot.com
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Originally Posted by SeanRosas View Post

Dear Viberg fans'
Two of my very good friends running, the recently launched, menswear blog The milltown have met Brett Viberg few weeks ago in York (yorkshire, UK) for an interview.
In fact, Brett Viberg was on a trip to yorkshire to visit Nigel Cabourn and Lewis Hull from superdenim.
He announces, few big things to come in the interview, notably a new Viberg x Cabourn boot coming out this Autumn/Winter (based around the boots worn on Robert Scott’s last expedition) and also more surpinsingly a Viberg clothing line for SS13.

You can read the post transcribing the full-chat here:
You can follow them on twitter, here:
They will be happy to get in touch so do not hesitate to give them some feedbacks.

its just brett's clothing line.

and viberg are apparently going to make sneakers at some point. viberg x nike was a thing
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I saw the prototype Brett made for Nike. Seriously cool and odd. The project did not get a green light sadly...
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