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Originally Posted by Brattman View Post
I've checked them out in person a couple of times and they're definitely one of the most solid and attractive boots I've had the pleasure of handling. I'd love to own a pair, but the price tag is a real deterrent to a poor grad student.

cool. thanks.
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i am currently arranging a group buy for vibergs horsehide boot well be one of the first people who will own a viberg boot in horsehide check out sufu for the thread
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To everyone complaining about the price... what are you, in high school? Quality wise, they're worth every penny. Sure there's some diminishing returns between a $300 boot and a $600 boot, but that's the way it is with everything.

Those 4Horsemen boots are amazing, I've seen them in person. They're too narrow for me, but I had some custom boots made by Viberg for me instead. Essentially they're bobcats on their 110 last (same as on one of their loggers and their oxfords), with a dark reddish leather and a few little changes. I just posted them in another thread but I'll take any excuse to show them off. This is after a couple months of wear; they still need more polishing.

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^ Those look awesome man!

As far as the price goes, it's really a product you need to handle/ try on to fully appreciate. It's no exaggeration to say they produce the highest quality footwear i have ever handled. We sell Red Wings and i own a pair and love them, but Vibergs are really on a whole different level. It's funny to hear people complain about the number of collaborations they've done. There are less than 10 stores in N. America that carry Viberg Boots, and even fewer that have truly collaborated with them. It's also worth noting that most of these runs are less than 10 pairs. The blue Leffot hiker for example, showed up all over the internet, but only 8 pairs were produced, and i don't think there is even anymore of the leather available. Claims about quality and craftsmanship get thrown around a lot in this industry, but Viberg is a company that is truly deserving of these distinctions. I'm in their factory at least once a month and there simply aren't many operations like this left in the world. Most of the people working in their have been doing it for 20+ years, and then you've got Glen Viberg himself on the floor everyday working on and inspecting every single pair of boots that leaves the shop. This level of care and attention to detail needs to be celebrated, especially by our 'quality' driven market.

There is a great feature on them in the most recent Inventory that would be worth tracking down if any of you are interested in learning a bit more about the company.
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Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post
i am currently arranging a group buy for vibergs horsehide boot well be one of the first people who will own a viberg boot in horsehide check out sufu for the thread

could you link to the thread? don't feel like navigating the clsuterfuck that is sufu.
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maybe i'm crazy, but I kind of like the peanut bullhide: http://blog.leffot.com/2010/11/05/vi...leffot-hikers/
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here ya go for the thread link nvm the title http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...240996&page=55
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I'm loving their Calfskin Service Boot. I prefer a stacked leather sole or maybe something like YuppieSkuppie's post. The big, white rubber sole I've seen so much of (like the OP) aren't my cup o tea.

Some great examples at their blog:



This one is particularly sick. According to sufu post, Service Boot Custom made in Mocha Brown Horween cowhide.

1950's Service Boot in Brown

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Those are my boots! I love em.
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I saw a guy in the 4HM boots yesterday and they looked great.
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Originally Posted by YuppieSkuppie View Post

Those are fantastic. I like them a lot more than any pair of White's semi-dress I've seen (which I think would be the closest comparable boot). The toebox looks a little sleeker compared to the normal Bobcat, however. Did you have that modified somehow?
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Anywhere those are still available?
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Viberg is the business. I've bought four pair so far...call me an addict. My brothers and I hit Viberg last night and came home with boots. I picked up the brogue toe cap (my fourth pair) that were still warm from handcrafting. My brother got the same hikers I have, but replaced red laces with leather ones. I like it. My little bro picked up some black (look blueish) engineers...at least I think they're engineers. My other bro picked up a pair of service boots...will try to find pics of them and post later.

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Here are some snaps I took of my hikers some time back

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My steel toes for work. A steal for $99...boxing day special,

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