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I do own both IR ranger and wolverine Addison and will soon get my first viberg shoe with a 2030 last (but the Oxford). I tried the cordovan 2030 service boot in the store and its definitefely a more dressier shoe that goes very well with chinos and a more upscale outfit. There are plenty of pictures on google!
The wolverine is in between and a shoe that I also love but always wear with jeans (the colour is tan).
The IR is for going to a concert, bad weather, and is more sturdy. The "balloony" look will fade over time as the front becomes more flat.
Hope that helps..
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the unstructured toe on some of the 2030's that you have shown are what contribute to the sleeker look, where as the ones with toe reinforment have a little higher profile, that being said I own redwings, and whites and the service boot with the structure toe that i own are much dressier than either of those. Look much closer to a casual/dress boot than to a typical work boot. though they look great with denim too.
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Cool - thanks lads, that's exactly the advice I was after.

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PSA - One size left of Nigel Cabourn x Viberg at Barney's warehouse.  Also have the loden green chukka in a couple of odd sizes.

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Originally Posted by seer View Post

Add an insole. Buy a couple of different thicknesses - experiment.

I've tried a few options...nothing's working.  I have to admit I am really disappointed.  I gave pretty specific details and foot drawings and these shoes just came out beautiful but's quite a bummer for $700, but I guess that was the risk I was taking...They do look good though.  They are making their way to the forums now.  Super sad...700




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Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post

how much? size?

They are in the forums...

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I am curious whether anyone here got a pair of the ready-to-wear black horsehide service boots (2045 last) that were sold off the new website.  If so, I'd love to see pics of them in the wild.  (Also, if anyone has a pair in 9.5 that they may be interested in selling, I might be interested in buying. They are sold out and not being replenished.)

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Sorry....incorrect post
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My MTO boots are now in the mail. Guy documented the entire manufacturing process, and we will be printing it in a three part series. Here are a few teaser shots:

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Gorgeous. Would you mind supplying the specs you asked for?
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Sure. This is what I specified:

Service boot - 7 eyelets.
Heather grey roughout with a heather grey (not roughout) heel counter.
110 Last
Deconstructed toe/no toebox.
Brogued captoe
Double leather midsole (in natural)
Vibram 2060 beige outsole
gunmetal eyelets
Rawhide laces, and I believe that guy was going to send me some waxed "bone" laces as well.

Based on past conversations with Guy and my slight mis-sizing in the 2030 last (well, it turned out, just not the ideal last for me - a little too long, but a little too shallow), a size 9.5UK.

When we start the MTO program, I've been told that the minimum is merely... 4 pairs. That means that you only need to find 3 likeminded people to get a boot made.

Based on what I've seen, I'm thinking of a "dressier" service boot, on the 2030 last, with a dainite sole, and 8+ eyelets, maybe in a burgundy color, or some shell cordovan, if there is enough interest, a chukka or an oxford in roughout in the 110 or 2040 last, and a boondocker. Are there are any more suggestions? I think that the prices would be around $650, maybe slighly less, for the non-cordovan models. Not sure how much the cordovan models would be, but they price would probably be considerably higher, as you might imagine.
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Someone buy boots in a charcoal nubuck with me... like dayton service boots... without the dayton.

For your inspiration...

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To be fair, the distressed W+H ones were way better than the normal Dayton ones.
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I know but unobtanium frown.gif You will have to manually distress them.
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