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To me the 2030 last is what distinguishes viberg from say White's and other work boot brands. It has the perfect combination of toughness and quality construction, but at the same time, its sleek and gorgeous just to look at. Personally, I don't think the quality of construction is so much superior that viberg can charge 2-3 times of white's rw etc.

Fully agree!!!
The combination of sleek and rough/chunky it's by far the best look you can get with workboots. No other manufacturer/brand (not even talking about the quality) gets it done that way! I have pretty narrow and small feet and don't work on an oil platform and am not too tall - too bulky shoes just look ridiculous on me!
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Here are mine on the 110 last. Just click on the picture to make it larger.




Thanks for the photos. I guess 110 is just wider than the 2030. I may just stay with the 2030.

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What is the difference between horsehide vs cordovan?  Is horsehide just any parts of a horse instead of horsebutt? 

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Viberg MTO 2045 Cordovan

Viberg MTO 2045 Cordovan

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Now that was just cruel.
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I wonder how much it costs to make a pair of those cordovan boots. All I know for sure is that I can't afford...They are beautiful boots though.

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When I inquired a few months back I was told cordovan is not available MTO
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These are very rare Viberg's. They are the equivalent to what Alden heads refer to as the "holy grail."


Keep in mind that everything written below could very well be bs, but my source is usually very credible. Viberg got sick of requests for cordovan boots, so they are releasing them in a very fair and systematic fashion. This system is supposedly referred to as project Morgan.


I've heard that Viberg plans on secretly releasing every version of the Morgan Super Boot over the next 1-4 years in very small batches.


Some are a take on the service boot and some of the lasts are still in development. There are a number of other unique bits of craftsmanship within these boots, but I swore myself to secrecy.


All I will say is that I have seen the first two and handled these boots and there is no boot in the entire boot World that is as beautiful, as well crafted and as stunning. 


The model is actually called the Morgan Super Boot, but it cannot be ordered. The rumor, which might be BS, is that Viberg sends out invites when they do a run to individuals. Each pair has a unique identifier (no idea what this means) and costs $1350 not including shipping. If they think that you'll haggle, you wont get an invite (i don't know how they know this).


I have been told that the following boots will be released in the next few years. After seeing the first two, I would pay $1500 just to be on the list. Keep in mind that this could all be BS and that nobody at Viberg will confirm this project.


Morgan Super Boot OG - Horsehide


Morgan Super Boot Classic - Black Shell Cordovan


Morgan Pebble Classic - Horween Pebble Shell


Morgan Super Boot I - Horween Shell Cordovan #8 (Burgundy)


Morgan Super Boot II - Horween Shell Cordovan - Shade between Ravello/Whiskey colored cordovan


Morgan Super Boot III - Horween Cigar Shell Cordovan


Morgan Super Boot VI - Horween Shell Cordovan - Cigar Colored


Morgan Super Boot VII - Horween Shell Cordovan - #4

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Good lord....
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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post

Good lord....
That's about what I was trying to say but ended up deleting for other reasons
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Shh, you can hear the bloggers typing...
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Hold on. Before we take $1500 out of our pocket. What make viberg so much more special and 2x the price of an Alden or Crockett and Jones cordovan shoe??? Is it even true?? People it is your money!!!
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I hear BS all the time, but I will tell you that all rumors, whether fact or fable, should be put aside for a moment. From all interviews, write-ups, official and unofficial responses from Viberg (etc., etc), cordovan is something that they'd rather not work with. Cordovan boot construction cannot be implemented while the factory is in full production of non-shell boots. I've heard that Viberg yields experience and cordovan know how to the oligopoly, Alden and Allen Edmonds.

Fact: I've seen what's been made by everybody around the World for decades. I've seen processes change and quality diminish. He'll, I've seen entire industries crumble in towns and cities that were once thought to be the footwear hubs of the World.

With all the movement in the wrong direction, there has been little good news in terms of integrity and craftsmanship improving in mens footwear. Get ready, Folks. It's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen. Viberg is doing it right and honing their blades while the others get dull. This should be an exciting time for all who are interested in good people doing things the right way.
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I didn't say that there is a $1500 buy in or that this story is true. What I said is that I've seen what Viberg will be doing and if I could buy into it, I would spend that amount just to know that I could buy whatever they make whenever I want. Demand will skyrocket and we'll all remember the good ole days. The only difference is that usually people remember the good ole days as a time when things were better, when things mattered. In this instance, the good ole days will simply be remembered as a time when we could order Viberg MTO's with merely a 20% surcharge. We could order them and have them made to our specs. These boots (hint: and shoes) are refining themselves and increasing quality as the company grows a d they're doing it exponentially. They're re-writing the books we studied at Wharton where accepting a lesser product in favor of brand development and increased distribution was just part of the game. Just sit tight. Nobody needs to panic, no bloggers need to cover Viberg non-stop until they realize what's going on....nobody needs to do anything, but they should!
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