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Now that prices are reduced to 200, anyone want to hit the sale and scoop me a dust calf derby in 11? Will gladly provide a proxy fee. PM me if you head over.
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I'm also looking for 1 more proxy. Hit me up if you're able to help. Willing to pay a proxy fee. Message me please.

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if anyone is selling a pair of service or engineer boots in size 8 that is not color 8 pls lmk
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damn, nice scores to be had at $200.
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Good price to try out different models. If any one is offering proxy service I would be interested in a 245 or 145 in an 8.5 or a service boot on Vibram sole.

Please pm me if needed

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Interested in proxy services as well. Size 8 hikers or service boots on 2030 :colgate:?

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Yeah, would be interested in proxy for size 10s with leather/commando/danite soles (no wedge), or if ppl picked up boots that don't work out... (GYW guidi calf or oxfords?)
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I saw the post on instagram and immediately jumped off the treadmill and booked it downtown. Managed to get there a few minutes before opening and I grabbed:


  • Olive Calfskin Service Boots
  • Dust Black Calfskin Derbys
  • Chicago Tan Latigo Derbys



I regret spending that much...a little. I wanted to come just grab 1 more pair. Or two.


All in all, I got 5 pairs of Vibergs this weekend for $1200!! I had zero pairs before.


So everything above, plus:


  • Brown CXL Service Boots
  • Brown Waxed Flesh Service Boots


Time to sell some older boots I will never wear again...that way I feel less guiltyu.

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You should head back down. /wink

The proxy fee from just a few of us would pay for a pair of shoes!
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Originally Posted by BHK666 View Post

You should head back down. /wink

The proxy fee from just a few of us would pay for a pair of shoes!

Off to a birthday brunch BBQ right now unfortunately. They were getting cleaned out fast as people were buying 3-4 pairs each, seems like they sold more in the first 20 minutes today then all day yesterday -- meaning, it is slim pickings right now. Everyone seemed to grab a pair of the Olive Calfskin and those disappeared fast. There was a 9.5 Olive Derby, unfortunately, they were too big on me...


I really wanted a black pair, but, I could not find any in my size (same yesterday)

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I'm interested in boots or derby's in size 10 if a proxy is available.

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Damn, I really wish it was an online sale as in the past.  Good for New Yorkers, bad for the rest of the country/world.


If anyone got anything on the 110 last in a 9.5 that they want to part with, let me know!

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I'm considering going back, I might be able to proxy for three people if the requests are easy. Send me a message in the next few minutes.
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Interested in a size 7.5 or size 8 2030 last, most makeups, if anyone is planning on proxy. Will pay a proxy fee and shipping, etc. Please contact.

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