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Greek yogurt, dried pasta, nuts, dried fruit and cheese. I sometimes get their frozen dumplings for a quick meal when I'm in a rush but I won't pretend they're any better than marginally good.
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Olive Oil Frozen brown rice Cheese Frozen gnocchi Noodles Nuts The standout though is that frozen brown rice. For pre-cooked it's great.
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Frozen rice? Hrm. Never heard of it.
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Originally Posted by randallr View Post
Frozen rice? Hrm. Never heard of it.

It's not mind-blowing but for a quick addition to a meal it's very serviceable. Definitely worth a try.
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I don't understand the concept. Reminds me of one of my college ex-roommates who would buy frozen Mac & Cheese (the shitty easy mac style kind also).
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Unlike mac and cheese, proper brown rice takes about 40 minutes. This is done almost instantly and tastes good.
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Oyster crackers.
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Coffee is great value.
Frozen garlic naan is awesome.
Their cracker selection is great as well. Most of them being around a buck for a box.

They used to have a condiment called tomato chutney that came in an 8 oz jar. I think this was discontinued recently as I haven't seen it but i could eat it with a spoon. Smoky, spicy, and sweet. Looked like burnt ketchup. That was the best culinary duct tape I have ever come across.
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cheap beer/house wines dried fruits, I always get the dried mangosteens/rambutans
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I like the raviolis/pastas dried fruit wine
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Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
My ex didn't really have much time or inclination for cooking, so she bought a lot of prepared and frozen stuff from Trader Joe's. Everything I ate I remember tasting fine, and pretty good for frozen meals.

+1 on the frozen meals. You can find relatively low-fat, high protein meals (with varying calorie counts) that are also quite tasty. I think they're not afraid to add spice. I regularly buy their frozen tofu pad thai and kung pao chicken for those nights when I just don't have time to cook.

Their produce sucks.
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Edamame Hummus is really good.

Their burritos are actually good for frozen burritos.

Also, I like the idea of the frozen halved avocados.... It seems like when you buy fresh ones, they are never at the right ripeness (in MN anyway).
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Love their Mac and Cheese!
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Chocolate covered frozen bananas
Frozen panna cotta
water crackers
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their Indian fare is great... 2 something dollars per box and it tastes awesome.
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