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HELP: Trousers pilling and wearing through

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So I recently had a MTM suit made by Patrick Johnson of P. Johnson Tailors (formerly Suit Shop), in Sydney.

The suit I ordered was cut from Loro Piana Super 120s wool in navy. At the time I was asking about the quality grades of the wool and he said that he would not advise anything higher than 120s because it would be too fragile for a young guy such as myself. He said that the suit was fully canvassed and lined with silk, as were the trousers to the knee. I ended up paying AU$1675 for the suit with two pairs of trousers and received it in early December.

Now to be fair, the suit looks great (I think so anyway). The jacket fits like a glove and the little things like the operational buttons, the initials on the lining and the trouser "fasteners" (no belt loops) do excite me.


The crotches on both pairs of trousers have been pilling almost from the beginning. I used a razor to shave off the pilling after getting both pairs dry cleaned for the first time. Now, about two weeks later, the pilling is starting to get bad again. This evening I took my trousers off and noticed that a hole is developing in the crotch. It devastates me that these trousers are falling apart after about two months both because I paid so much for them and because I really like them.

I know that it is probably difficult to tell, but could one of you very knowledgeable people () please give me some advice as to what I should do. I don't know whether it is my fault and I should seek to have them repaired or if I have been ripped off, in which case heads should roll.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give. I have attached a photo where you can see my finger through the crotch of the trousers.

EDIT: After some considerable input from the members of this forum I believe that the wear on my suit is due to wearing it too often, in what has been a very humid summer. To the credit of P Johnson, and despite the fact that they are probably well aware of my brash comments in this post, they took my trousers almost immediately and repaired them for me in a matter of days. I do plan on buying another suit from P Johnson in the very near future. I feel that, and I am sure there are many other opinions, for the price of P Johnson's suits there is no equivalent in Sydney.
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If the fabric is a bit delicate and you do a lot of walking, the crotch will often go. I've had the crotch go on Super 100s trousers before. That said, that was after 12 months or so of reasonably heavy use (2-3 times per week). I would have thought that Super 120s would last a little longer than a few weeks, but then again I don't know how often you wear the trousers and how far you walk in them. Go back to P. Johnson and enquire about getting it repaired, and then enquire about getting a silk saddle installed. The silk saddle will protect the trousers from wear and tear - these days, I get a silk saddle installed at the same time I get my trousers hemmed. Let us know how you get on.
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Head back and have a chat to PJ, I'm sure he will be more than willingly to help you out. Did this happen on one of both pairs of the trousers? Or both but more extensive to one?
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What does "recently" mean? Two weeks, two months, two years?

Makes a big difference if you state facts not generalities.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post
What does "recently" mean? Two weeks, two months, two years? Makes a big difference if you state facts not generalities.
He did
Originally Posted by platybank View Post
It devastates me that these trousers are falling apart after about two months.
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Also, how heavy are you in the thighs? Footy player thick or runner/athletic? This can make a huge difference in the crotch, but still hard to tell without too much context as to how often they are worn.

Also probably well premature to post this before speaking with Patrick again to see what he will do.... just saying.
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As somebody who is planning to buy through PJ in the next month or so, I am quite interested in this thread.

How often do you wear the suit? More then once a week? Have you ever had issues like this happen before?
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Agreed, head back to Patrick and see what he says and do.

Abit early to start a thread using the words rip-off.
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Sounds like after a month you had them both cleaned?
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Originally Posted by jaypee View Post
He did

Yes indeed he buried in the excess of words.

However the fact that he claims only to have had it since "early December" makes me even less incined to accept what is said unless the tailor is known as some form of shyster which appears not to be the case from other posts.

Less than 8 weeks for TWO pairs of trousers to pill to that extent is amazing, dry cleaning the so soon is perverse. Even if they have been worn for twelve hours a day each since then one would not expect this. So either the tailor has supplied poor material or the OP is not revealing all the facts..

Something is amiss in all this.
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That looks like shit material IMO. Take it back and speak to the tailor.
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People really need to think twice (or more) before using words 'ripped off', 'cheated', etc.
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Not just super numbers but also the type of weave makes a difference in this issue. I have pants I have worn a handfull of times that are starting to do this. Nappier wools do this more. Also, if the trousers are more fitted in the thighs it makes this much worse and like others of said how much your thighs rub together when walking.
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Very curious to see the whole suit.

I think the OP has a right to be flummoxed by the situation.
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Higher supers are not necessarily fragile. Super fine wool is often used to make very fine, soft cloth which can be fragile, but it can also be used to make sturdy cloth. See here for more.
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