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Good tailors in Toronto?

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Anyone know of any, specifically for altering denim?
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I'd like to know this, too. I have a pair of Dior jeans I'd like slimmed/tapered.
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bump -

anyone know? I'm in TO right now and looking to get some jeans hemmed.
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Stitch-It in the TD Centre at Bay-King does all my alterations including tapering of jeans, taking in waist and seat, etc.
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I wouldnt trust stitch it with my Diors or anything worth wearing. Actually I would not trust stitch it with any of my alterations period. Maybe bring it to Sydney's. 799 Queen Street West. He is a custom tailor (Bespoke). But may take your alterations if you request it. Another option would be to bring it to nikos on Cumberland. Both ppl have experience working with more fashion fits and are very competent. Another option might to be to take it to Rosens or Holts. I've worked for both companies, they recruit the best alterations ppl in the city since they pay the highest, and as long as you get a good fitter to work on it and you are clear with what you want they are more than competent enough to peg the leg on a pair of trousers. I find that with alterations if you are not clear with what you want and leave it to the taste and imagination of the alterations person you will very rarely come out happy.
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Studio Kim on King Street West near Strachan has been suggested to me by a few places (Klaxon Howl, Body Blu).

No personal experience though.
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Yeah i agree with Stich It, i only go there for my khakies and pants. But for of the high end items or jackets I would have to go with somebody else.
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Back when I didn't know any better and left a lot of the choices to the tailors whom I brought clothes in to alter, I had 3 or 4 trousers hemmed at Stitch It, based on the recommendation of some saleswoman at Club Monaco just down the street on Bloor.

Granted, I didn't know any better and so it was partially my fault in that I wasn't firm at all in what I wanted, but all of the trousers were universally hemmed way too short. Completely circumstantial, but the fact that it's located in the basement food court of the Manulife has always made me feel like it's a place that profits from volume, largely benefiting from the sheer mass of people that pour through the area via subway or on their lunch break--with little care or attention paid to the individual.

Incidentally, I had a few of those same trousers brought to Nikos who did his best to correct the mistakes of the past and let them out again the best he could. I've always been happy with Nikos's work, but I am no expert.
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Short pants do suck. Yeah most Stitch places are set up in high volume areas.
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Recently, I've been taking some of my pieces to Paul's Tailors up at Bathurst and 401. They've done a fairly good job of altering what I've brought in -- ie shortened sleeves and brought in the sides on an EG jacket for me recently (even managing to keep the finished seems on the inside) which anyone who's handled an EG piece knows is difficult cuz their stuff has such complex structuring.

Was at Nomad last saturday to pick up my EG vest from being tailored and they told me they send everything to a lady located just north of Queen on John St., west side I think inside a dry cleaners. Fellow said they send all their items there for tailoring and claimed Holt's sends stuff there as well.
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I know I'm about a 2 years too late, but if anyone is still looking for a place to alter denim I know an awesome spot! Studio Kim on King Street West does great repair jobs and alterations. My wife recommends them here... Hope this helps!
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yep , studio kim ive heard nothing but good things sydneys is also good, though for chainstitching they will charge $30 normal hemming $15 (on denim)
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just took 6 shirts to get shortened and 1 blazer for sleeve length into studio kim. what a nice lady. hope she does good work. she is extremely busy. the place was FULL of clothes. decent prices. $8 for straight hem, $12 for curved hem on shirts.

i'll report back in a few days on how good of a job she does.
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any updates, thinking of getting my grey diors hemmed
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