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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post
Service on a B7 might be a nightmare, I can't even imagine what some of the parts catalogue might cost on that. I wouldn't want to foot the bill. I've seen the new B7 live though, and it is amazing. The new 7 with the M pack is great too. The new 5, I'm pretty lukewarm on. It doesn't really look like a Bimmer from the back, and the front is a little confused looking.

I know the maintenance will be high, but I do a lot of the maintenance on my E46 so I should manage fine. I think I'd rather have this than any AMG so there's nothing else that could suffice as a substitute. I'm not a huge fan of large sedans except this B7 and some other AMG sedans, namely the black series.
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Like BMW tends to do, it's likely the engines will be revised soon - but if you want a 2010 car in 2-3 years, that might not matter. I personally like how BMW is unifying their design elements across their model range but isn't making their cars clones of one another like Audi. It was particularly bad when the E46 3 and the E60 5 looked like they shared no common theme - despite both being nice looking cars. I know they were designed by different people, but so are the current Z and 5-series which share a lot of lines.
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I've got a 2004 545i, so I feel slightly qualified to answer your question. For the OP: the 528i will be more then adequate. I've got a neighbor with the a brand new F10 528, and he absolutely loves it. The numbers (HP, TQ) are far from astonishing, but the power is all very usable. I decided not to extend the warranty on my 5. This decision was based partially on cost (about 4 grand for a decent warranty) and partially on reliability. You'll find that most things going wrong with these cars (and presumably the F10's) is small, and more of an annoyance then anything. ie: Bad alternators, seat pads, premature brake wear, etc. That all said, the 5 series has definitely taken a stab at Lexus and Mercedes with the F10. While the E60 was far sportier then the jap and german rivals, the new F10 has sacrificed much of that sportiness in favor of comfort. The interior materials are a touch nicer, the ride a touch less harsh, and the handling feels docile relative to the outgoing model. Keep in mind, these thoughts are solely based on a test drive (as I was considering an F10) what I've read on the forums, and my neighbor being kind enough to take me for a ride in his 528. If you have any direct questions pertaining to the E60 fire me a PM
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I've got a 2006 530i Sport and I love it (apart from getting keyed the other day). I've owned it for a few years now and haven't had any major issues with it. More than enough hp for my needs and it handles/drives great. I would definitely buy another 5 series when I get rid of this one.
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The new 5 series looks great but I feel like the 3,5, and 7 series look too similar to each other now.
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Reviews are not favorable in terms of the fun to drive factor. I won't be selling my '06 330i for it, for sure. And with thoughts of a turbo 4 in the 2013 3-series, I may have the best last N/A engine BMW made.
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I really want a 530(x)d Touring in dark blue, I walk past one in champagne on a daily basis and it's amazing
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Any styling changes to the previous model's trunk lid are a welcome improvement.

I'd stay away from the turbo models they produce. My neighbor has been through a 335i and 535i (now has the 528) due to fuel pump problems every 4k miles with both i models. Even with the new single turbo, they have evidently not changed to problematic fuel pumps.
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I think the new 5 is great looking -- big improvement over the previous model.
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Originally Posted by IBJanky View Post
No need for a 535i with the twin turbos

BMW agrees with you. The N55 only has one turbo...

"The N55 differs from the N54 in two key ways: (1) It has a single, twin-scroll turbocharger (which BMW calls "Twin Power") instead of two smaller turbochargers; and (2) it uses BMW's Valvetronic technology."

"The addition of Valvetronic reduces fuel consumption by 8 percent. It also quickens response time when you're cruising along at low load and have a sudden, urgent need to be at wide-open throttle. And peak torque (still 300 pound-feet) comes in at just 1,200 rpm now instead of 1,400 with the N54 engine. Peak horsepower is still listed at 300, but the power curve doesn't taper off as soon."
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Well I own a 2008 535xi, which I bought new in 2008 and picked up in Munich vie the European Deliver program, and today am driving a 2011 528 as a loaner from the dealership.

There is no "right" answer about whether the 528 motor is powerful enough. For me, and I drive pretty gently, it is. I went from a 545i to a 535xi and I could see driving a 528 if the cost factor matters to me when I'm ready for a new car.

I seem to feel a LITTLE less of the road in this 528. But that could be due to a lot of factors. I test drove a 2011 535 when they first came out, then got back into mine, and said to myself, "I like the new one but it's not nearly different enough to merit the large cost to move to it." In sum, I find the F10 to be "evolutionary, not revolutionary" compared to the E60. If I needed a new car I'd buy one, but I'd not take a big hit on my E60 just to get into one!

The new electronics are pretty nice, but eh everyone has pretty electronics and maybe Audi's are a little prettier.
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I like the way it looks (in person: I wasn't thrilled with initial pictures online), but haven't had a chance to drive one.
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Much better looking that the garbage e60 but I absolutely despise the hood lines on all current bmws and the way they reflect.
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I'm anxious to see the F10 M5. Although I'm not fond of the e60 body style in general, I love its M5; it's really nice looking. I hope the F10 M5 is just as impressive looking.
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You guys are crazy. The E60 is one of the best looking sedans made. If only they released the E61 M5 in North America... (I know it's not an M5, see above comment).
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