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Got a bunch of these in and ready for summer (or winter vacations ) - $99 each, or 2 for $175! Check ebay links for exact measurements and more pics! They fit on the smaller side, so Large = ~34" waist I have: Green - 6 in XL Blue - 6 L, 5 XL, 2 2XL Pink - 4 L Green Fans - 5 L
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Damn, those are hottt!!
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I bought this brand for the first time last summer. They are very well made. The fabric feels great and the fit is very nice. I wear a 35W and I wear an XL
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Bump = now $80 a piece!!
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well these are obviously real!
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These are really fun. I bought the pink ones, size Large (I'm 34 waist and they fit pretty slim) in Porto Vechio, Corsica last summer in vacation. They were on sale and slightly more expensive. Great price.
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