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Inexpensive tuxedo

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I'm trying to purchase an affordable tuxedo, and there are several Christian Dior ones on ebay. I'm not familiar with the quality of their formalwear - can anyone chime in on this?
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I believe the Tuxedos you are looking at are "Christian Dior" and not Dior Homme, correct? If that is the case, the quality of CD vs. Dior Homme is huge. I recall that the Christian Dior name is just licenced out so there is no guarantee of quality. Usually it is low - but if you just wear the Tux once every few years it might be okay. Is this a used or new tux? A few years back, I was considering buying a CD tux on ebay for a high school dance. It would have been cheaper than renting. I've seen large quantaties of CD tuxes on ebay, usually its a rental place clearing out old models. They may be in good condition but its always good to ask.
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Christian Dior has a lot of terrible licenses out. They unlike Gucci, and YSL have not bought back all of them so they are still floating about somewhere much also like Givenchy, Pierre Cardin, Courreges, etc. Dior Homme however makes a fine if not costly tuxedo.
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