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^^^ I think yours works becuase of the hat and general style. You're wearing it as a constumey anti-'normal' look and have pulled it off. like the above pic I posted, the guy's got funky glassess and sockless, ie he's going for a certain look. I'm not saying it couldn't work, but I think it may be hard for others to accept. All joking aside, personally I think a mix of dark browns and greens in a tweed or something would look great but i've never seen such a thing. from mack11211's link to Paul Stuart
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Do you wear a 36S and like a very close fit? If so, I have a 3 pc from the 70s that you might be interested in.... Though I'm not quite sure I could part with it. It's very fun to wear to hockey games. School colors are green and gold- men's team has gotten into a habit of sucking though. I have a few pictures floating around, really need to upload 'em sometime.
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Green suits are rare in RTW. Hardy Amies said greens mixed with brown, like olive green, look better than green mixed with blue, like pea green. Green sport coats are not too hard to find in flannel in the winter, in washed cotton twills in the summer, and in cotton moleskin in the intermediate seasons. Paul Stuart does them often.
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An olive summer suit, for the right complexion could work.

Otherwise a tweed, such as one the P&H Hartwist collection:

Then there's always the double-knit leisure suit, if costume parties are your thing.
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