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Green suit

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I like bolder colors in suits. I would love to see something RTW that's actually green, not olive, but not necessarily leprechaun either. Anyone know of a maker? Bold reds or blues are also good, and if not a suit, I am interested in SCs too. Please take for granted that I understand more muted colors are more kosher.

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Grass Green type color sounds absolutely awful. I reckon there is always a reason for rarity / scarcity.
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There is a poster here called Manton. He used to work at the White House or something and has a book on the subject. You should ask him what he thinks about green suits.
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A costumier might - sort of thing a clown wears. You are very unlikely to find this in any reputable menswear shop.

A dreaful thought in any event.
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forest green cord suit is great.
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I would recommend something along the lines of olive green, if you must, or even sage. A nice tweed suit in olive green may not be that bad.
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you're probably better off going bespoke.
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I'm a tailoring/sewing student, and I made myself a green suit. It's pretty dark and often gets mistaken for gray at night, which is when I'm usually wearing it. I think a couple shades lighter would have been better, but it's a fine line between too dark to be noticeably green and too bright to be taken seriously.

There are some images on random blogs of green suits that look good, but I can't find any of them. I don't think I've ever seen a RTW suit in green.
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Sometimes "being different" is not such a good thing.
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Green sc are what golf pros wear, perhaps look on ebay for one.
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green is for... erm, Leprechaun? in all seriousness, the only thing I can imagine is some sort of green/brown patterned dark earthy toned suit. I saw a RLBL sportscoat on the B&S a few months ago that could have worked as a suit.
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Originally Posted by bleachboy View Post
Sometimes "being different" is not such a good thing.

Kermit reckoned it was "not easy being green"!
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Thanks, all
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hate to toot my own horn but whatever The green jacket is part of a suit. It's hard to psyche myself up to wear it as a suit though. Makes better as seperates.
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