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getting rid of facial scarring

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I've got scarring on my face, mostly my forehead, from when I had bad acne as a teenager. The way it looks never used to bother me much, but as I get older it does. Does anyone know of an over the counter product that works, like a cream or something that helps with scarring?
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Mederma might help. Seeing a dermatologist would offer some different alternatives.
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I am guessing that you have some pitted scarring from the acne. In this case you might try needling along with some strong copper peptides. I would recommend Dr. Pickart's "super cop" formula from It is a relatively popular product. You could also try some emu oil to aid in the penetration. Here is a really good thread on treating scarring, lots of input from a doctor who actually knows what he is talking about: Super Cop will blow Mederma away. Mederma is over priced for what you get. A dermatologist will probably just tell you to moisturize and then hand you a free sample of Eucerin brand lotion
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You can buy a house brand of Mederma at Wallgreens.
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It has taken about ten years . . . but I have found that exfoliation with a facial sponge, combined with the use of the Avon Anew line and retinol, have totally eradicated a couple of scars I had, on the right side of my face. Avon offers a mild chemical peel, these days. I've never used it, but I know people who have. They claim to have procured fine results. If your scars are deep, I'd consult a dermatologist.

Store bought brands, only go so far.
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Ah my area of expertise. More information required ...

are you talking about hypertrophic scarring ie raised and red or depressed scarring ie punched out looking scars.

Neither is particularly easy to treat but the former slightly better. If it's 'fresh' ie within two years then it may get better by itself or faster with steroids/pressure/silicone/vascular laser. If it's older than two years it won't get beter by itself.

Depressed scars are less easy to deal with. Part of the problem is the shadow created by the contour change and smoothing out the transition with an abrasive ie laser/dermabrasion/deeper peels may help. Deeper discrete scars may benefit from fillers eg hyaluronic acid etc...
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sorry to hijack, but i've got scarring on the forehead too. more of a darker patch than anything else. nothing different about the contour of the area. anything to help, chobo?
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I wouldn't waste my time on Mederma. I don't think it has any scientific evidence to back it up.
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I have some of this. I've been getting Smoothbeam treatments and they have gone pretty well.
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i'd recommend inviCible scars. I've used it and it's worth buying it. i had acne scars too ... they too used to look really ugly..i can imagine how you would be feeling...  give it a try has all those vitamins and minerals that are required for scar treatment such as vitamin C, silicone sheets and many more... i've tried tonnes of remedies but none worked for me.I tried a bunch of cheap creams, like the stuff you get at CVS, but it didn’t really work.i got to know about this product,invicible scars from different skin care forums. i tried it and it certainly has remarkable effects.i can see a great difference in my skin now within a is a hypoallergenic acne scar treatment so don't hesitate like i was since i was really concerned about all those break outs that are caused by using the products.Since it does not contain common skin irritants like preservatives and fragrances, it is far less likely to cause a break-out than most other acne scar care products do. I’m really very much satisfied by it as it has really shown drastic effects in such sort span of's great ... consult the website for more details so that you may have an idea of what type of scar do you have and how to use it .... contact them, they'll guide you..good luck :)

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Mederma was of no worth. It caused breakouts on my skin. Is invicible safe ?? I want to use it for my acne scars. I need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. 

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Mederma didn't work for either. Really good responses on invicible scars. The hypoallergenic part of it really pushes me into buying it. Seems an effective product for certain

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This should be addressed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. There are many alternatives: microdermabrasion, peels, laser, RF, at different levels of strength. Stop wasting your time and money on cosmetics and over the counter products. Go see a doctor.

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I'm reordering invicible now. It's worth trying

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Retin a helps. But you need a script
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