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Check this guy's Ebay Feedback!!!

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SF member Rolo made me aware of this.

Check out this guy, Ebay member andy44477, and his Feedback.

It is hilarious:


He's no longer a registered member. I wonder why?

Oh Yeah, and here's the Feedback he's left for others. It's even funnier!!:


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This was back in the early days of ebay, when you could leave feedback for anyone, you didn't need to have a transaction with them.
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I think I am laughing. Though nobody can hear me. So am I really laughing or not? Maybe they are all in the woods waiting for trees.
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oh! the awesomeness. it's like dadaist poetry.
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"I am a walrus. I type using my flippers. Hee."
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i don't know why, but this one made me laugh through my nose:

1, 2, buckle my shoe. 3, 4, buckle my shoe. 5, 6, buckle my shoe.
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This one got me

thanx for sending fast payment. But you didn't buy anything. I will send fish.
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"When I see you floating down the gutter, I'll give you a bottle of wine."


"Put me on the white hook back in the fat rack, shadrack eshack! The sumptin hoop, the sumptin hoop! The blimp! The blimp! The drazy hoops! The drazy hoops! They're camp, they're camp. Tits! Tits! The blimp, the blimp! The mothership! The mothership! The brothers hid under their hoods from the blimp, the blimp! Children, stop your nursin', unless you're renderin' fun. The mothership, the mothership's the one! . . ."
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