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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Nah, it's just scotch grain. It might be calf embossed with a pattern, or considering the quality of those shoes, might be legitimate scotch grain- which originated as calf soaked in scotch as part of the tanning process, which is what gave it the pebbled appearance. More expensive sure, but the finish doesn't tend to look like someone stamped it on.

According to well-kept, it is tanned in the used whisky mash:
Awesome shoes, OP.
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I would like to buy those from you.
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Has anyone in these parts put together a time line of Florsheim details to date Imperials. Also, where were the V cleat, five nail versions made. I assume they were made in the US.
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bump to find a date for the last of the nailed, double rowed, V-cleated Florsheim Imperials in Cordovan leather.

These are"newly" mine back from the cobbler to excise the nails and cleat. They were well worn, but the sole was still original(5 nail) with only the toe area needing rebuilt.

Extremely supple Cordovan leather and as found. I only buffed them with a horsehair brush. Killer Comfortable.
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^ They're probably mid-80s. Very nice find.
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how about these guys?

Florsheim Royal Imperial
triple v cleats
shell cordovan

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