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Anyone have a good website where I can purchase a weird, funky watch? I'm looking for something fun and interesting. It can even be plastic. The Tag I have now is just boring me to death... I was thinking about getting a leather wrist band watch, but instead I just bought a leather cuff with a buckle that looks great on it's own.
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Take a look at or Pretty funky Russian watches.
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How about one of the 'Android' watches from Also, I inexplicably like this watch. Red or black, take your pick...
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If you have the pay-o-la, Corum has some interesting designs. If you don't, Swatch always has some bizarre pieces.
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LA Guy: Funny you say that, incidentally, I was gonna buy the Corum bubble face watch with the skull & cross bones; "Jolly Roger" model, but there's no way in hell I could have justified the price. Pretty awesome watch though. Nick: Outstanding website. I'm most definatly gonna pick up this watch in red or maybe in white. It's really funky and unique; exactly what I'm looking for. What color do you guys think? CTGuy; the link you posted dosn't work for some reason, if you can repost, thanks. Nick, do you have anymore websites like the one you posted? I even like the shirts they have.. Thanks bro.
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I've developed sort of a random watch fetish in recent years and have always been very fond of the jump hour/direct read style of watch.   Basically, instead of having watch hands, the numbers themselves rotate to get the correct time.   They tend to be slightly bulkier than other watches, but I really like the fact that they're not too common and generally pretty cheap Here are a couple of examples on ebay
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Alain Silberstein makes really fun watches.  They require a certain personality and are ridiculously overpriced.  If you don't mind wearing a replica, replica sites selling Silberstein are all over the internet.
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Mike, Have you been to It's all t-shirts, but there's a continually-rotating roster of interesting designs - you can submit your own if you want. also lets you make your own t-shirt designs. Also, is too hip for words (or is it mainstream-faux-hip? I can't tell anymore. ), and lets you design your own sneakers, casual suede shoes and boots...
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To completely hi-jack this thread, but some other posters have been suggesting interesting online sites. If you are interested in innovative designers, check out, which features a lot of North American independents, and which was where nice collective (now sold at Barneys and Louis Boston, among other stores) got it's first exposure.
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Don't know if they have a website, but my boss gave me a Roger Dubuis watch as a gift, and it's pretty funky. It's got a huge square face, diamonds, a black leather band and it really catches the eye. You may be able to find one at certain jeweler websites (I know next to nothing about Dubuis, but it's a fantastic watch).
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Some of the Seiko Kinetic Chronographs are pretty funky, with multiple faces and neon colored hands and faces.
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Some of the Seiko Kinetic Chronographs are pretty funky, with multiple faces and neon colored hands and faces.
The latest issue of Watch Time has a pullout section devoted to Seiko, featuring the new Arctura Kinetic Chronograph.  I think this is a great looking watch that is definitely different from your run-of-the-mill chronograph.
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Cristobal: Your boss gave you a Roger Dubuis? My, that was be quite a boss that you work for me since Dubuis is a very expensive brand. Was there a special occasion associated with it? Also what model is it? Also Dubuis only produces 28 of each model exclusively.
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LabelKing: Yes, it was one of the more unusual end-of-fiscal-year bonuses I've received. Usually it's just a check, but you never know when you work for a group of monarchists. It's a G43 (Golden Square) three-hand in diamonds. It's a fantastic watch; my two co-workers were a little envious; I suppose their gifts were of lesser value (they were aware of what a Dubuis costs--I was not). As for availability, I honestly have no idea whether or not my boss had to bend over backwards to get one.
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