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Messenger Bag recommendations (high end)

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I'm thinking about getting a nicer messenger bag. I'd use it to store a few folders, newspaper, and my MacBook Air (super slim). Any recommendations? I'm open to leather as well as other fabrics.

(The other similar threads were either very old or focused on more of the $65 used army & navy variety).
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You may want to check out F. Rock Bags out of Boston - they make their bags out of suit fabric and leather. I picked one of their bags up in December and have been very pleased.
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If you want high end Bottega Veneta makes some beautiful bags. The hand work is truely amazing. I have my eye on one, but I think the almost 3K price may make it a nogo for this year. Too many other things to get first.
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Not sure how the OP defines "high end," but I recently purchased a messenger from "Property of" and have been quite pleased. The ones I've seen are primarily canvas with leather trimming, but the designs are well thought-out and executed, with multiple compartments. My other messenger is a Belstaff in canvas, which is entirely soft-sided and has taken multiple beatings in stride. My "Property of" is denim waxed cotton... will try to post a pic later today.
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This is one, i´d buy if in need of one: And, if i´d be a big-spender, obviously. Other than that you might consider Bill Amberg: . citoyen damn, re-read your post. over-read "a few folders" the first time. sorry. anyways, the above are nice looking bags
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