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As long as we're on driving tired stories: I was driving home to Montreal from Woodstock in upstate NY in 1994 with two girlfriends. After 3+ days of no sleep and lots of controlled substances, I was starting to see fuzzy and decided to pull over and get some sleep (my two companions were also asleep at the time).

This was about 50 miles from the Canadian border and I had left a bag with at least a 1/4 oz of weed, zig zag papers and various paraphernalia in plain view on the dashboard of the Honda Civic. When I woke up, my friend was at the wheel, we were almost in Montreal and all the drugs and stuff was still where I had left it. I couldn't believe they hadn't seen it and removed it before getting to the border and was even more astonished that the border guards did not notice it and arrest us. We had apparently spent at least 30-45 min. at immigration too because one friend was French and she needed a special visa stamped or something to get back into Canada

Welcome to Canada, where the customs officials don't even notice drugs in plain view when you enter the country but always ask you if you've bought duty-free liquor or cigs and make you pay tax on stuff you bought that exceeds the limit. This contrasts starkly to US border officials who are highly trained pros in my experience and always no-nonsense. Canada hires students working $10/hr summer jobs to work border crossing

Sorry to derail the thread...
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To answer the OP, I used to work on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ selling T-shirts when I was a teenager. Our standard schedule was 14hrs/day x 7 days a week for the entire summer, with essentially no days off. I worked 12pm to 2am every day. So approx. 100hrs/week, more during busy times like july 4, labor day... It was gruelling but we were young and making $ (for that time).
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when I was in the army, one of the big things was to make you sleep deprived, in basic training. we would sleep 3-4 hours a night, for 5 nights a week, for 6 months of so. then we had an extra 6 weeks of special training, where we would, literally, get about 2 hours sleep, total, for the whole sun-friday morning week. we would get 10 minutes or so of sleep at a time, and then maybe later on get 3 or 5 minutes, and then the next day 7 minutes, etc. sometimes you would have groups of 10 or 12 guys, running, asleep, holding on to each other, and when the last guy fell asleep, nobody would be watching where we would be going and we would crash into something. you had to be really, really careful because it was so easy to get killed by accident during that kind of training, too.

good times.......
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Yeah, it's all contextual. I've had 15 hour days with good work where I wanted to die, and consecutive 20 hours days with terrible work but, um, "pleasant" colleagues where I looked forward to getting back to work.
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Originally Posted by gamelan
~90 hours a week getting prepped for Comdex...back when there was a Comdex.

part of my work is in IT and you'd think i'd have the IT horror stories of servers going down, etc. but say what you will of Dell, their servers have done our company well.


I used to take pot-shots at dell but I'm actually buying a couple Dell servers in the very near future. Dell has the best offerings and best value of the big 3 imo, at least for the mid-range business stuff. I don't run a datacenter so I have no take on the type of equipment that would fill one of those, but their poweredge 2900 is pretty kickass.

I'm looking very forward to the new servers because I know they will save me a ton of misery, especially once I start back up with my classes in january. Being able to remotely connect to downed servers and reboot them is invaluable. The network here has been neglected for the past 5 years and that's why i'm spending so much time at the office.
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Originally Posted by Aaron
Basically 8:30am-2am six days a week for about 6 months.


those were my hours when i was in investment banking.

it was the worst, most unhappy time of my life.
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What strange competition here, war stories and the like.

3 straight days and nights without sleep when I slaved away as i -banking summer associate cannorn fodder.
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The reason that the Full Moon at the end of October / beginning of September is called the Harvest Moon is that it allowed the farmers to continue working by moonlight to get their crops in. Most of the population would have been involved. Today is not really that tough for most of us.
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About nine years ago, I worked a 129-hour week. Sat-Thur 9:00am to 5:00am, then 1pm to 10pm on Friday. I was hourly then, but still.... it was a horrible, stressful project and only the second of its type I'd ever worked on: my boss swears to this day that it was the worst project of her career, and I'd agree.

Fast forward to 2002 (I think), when I worked from 7:30am Wednesday to 2:30am Saturday. My boss actually called my father (my fiancee was out of town) to take me home--she didn't want me driving (good call).
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I once had a job that required my presence at e...e...eight o'clock.
In the morning.
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