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grilled shrimp. sucked the brains out, good stuff!

yes always suck the heads!
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The typical bread with tomatos that they just give to you and charge you without asking for!
This is universal across Spain, although outside Catalonia it is served usually without tomato for some reason. Bread hits the table about 15 seconds after you sit down. It is a racket, except we always liked and ate the bread.

Water is also a racket. Always paying for water.
Originally Posted by Xericx View Post

this was a kind of omelette....filled with eggs and potatos. its a traditional dish I believe but this place was more modernish not too much so.

this is a Spanish Tortilla. It is about as traditional as you can get. Ms DLester makes them every month or so, mmmmm (she also makes excellent gazpacho in the summer).

your paella looks redonkulous!

I have some beautiful pictures of Spanish food but every time I upload them they look washed out, and I am just not posting them that way. I need to figure out how to do it right....
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Originally Posted by binge View Post

Thanks for the pics and descriptions... Great inspiration in this thread.

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here's some La Tomatina action.

get there bright and early. left the hotel in Valencia after a breakfast buffett provided by the tour group, PP Travel. 7am is when we leave...get there at 8ish


there is a greased pole that has a ham on top of it. the fight starts when someone knocks the ham off. If they don't, they just start at some random time before noon. we got there around 8Am....had 2 hours or so to walk around, get drinks, and find a spot. There were people dumping water on people from apartments. walls were tarped off.




it was hard to get a good pic b/c it was so crowded.


over the hour of the tomato fight, 5-6 trucks full of tomatos go through the narrow street

2 minutes in, its pure pandaemonium and adrenaline. tomatoes are everywhere.

moar trucks

after an hour, its all over. only tomato juice remains everywhere


everyone smells like V8


the townspeople clean everyone off by dumping water or using a hose.

then everyone buys some grilled chorizo and drinks some beer and parties it up or passes out until the bus ride back to valencia.
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