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You can take the enjoyment out of a trip and turn it into a "check list" if you try to cover too many cities. So, assuming you are going for 10 days, I would go to Rome and Florence and then take a couple of day trips from those cities into the surrounding countryside for wine and food experiences or something like bike riding. There are tons of tours with small groups through almost any hotel. Avoid July and August although late September is still warm and fewer tourists. You will have a wonderful time. Italy is great.
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Originally Posted by mmhollis View Post
I'm looking toward Florence and Rome now thanks to many of your suggestions. There was only one mention of Venice, I suppose that is because it is a tourist trap?

in the grand scheme of things almost everything in italy is a tourist trap.
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Originally Posted by medtech_expat View Post
I'll second Florence for a first trip, [...] My preference, though, would be to fly into Nice (though the city itself is forgettable), rent a car and drive through Monaco into Italy. The coastline around here is spectacular (as is the seafood), and Cinque Terre is a must-see. It's a short drive to Florence from there, and you combine some surf and gorgeous scenery with your city adventure.

June is a good time as it's shoulder season, the weather is nice yet you avoid the bulk of the summer crush.

This so many times.

One of the most scenic roads and Cinque Terre is heaven.

Florence like many others have mentioned is a safe bet, i still enjoy it after several times.

P.s. Actually i like Nice
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The fiancee and I spent 5 days in Rome, 4 in Florence, 3 in Milan and 5 in Venice for the Italy segment of our 6 week trip in Europe.

I'd love another day or 2 in Rome. Well, in all of the above really.

Dress well, don't look like a tourist, do and eat what the locals do. You'll have a splendid time indeed.

Next time we head back to Europe, I hope to get a car and drive along the country side and explore the country that way.
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And if you'd like some restaurant recommendations, shoot me a PM or ask away!
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