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Reyn Spooner F/W 2011

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reyn spooner's trademark inside-out fabric, emulating a sunwashed fade.

Words by Jian DeLeon Photos by Jay Wen


Reyn's began as a Hawaiian-inspired shirtmaker on California's Catalina Island. When it made its formal move to Oahu's Ala Moana shopping center as one of the burgeoning mall's flagship stores, it somehow acquired the moniker of the "Brooks Brothers of the Pacific." This may be due to founder Reyn McCullough's establishment of "Aloha Fridays" on the islands in 1966, when businessmen would be allowed to wear the floral-printed shirts to work. This practice eventually became commonplace on the islands. The label's real claim to fame came when McCullough, inspired by bleached-out, sunfaded fabrics of beach bums, began making his shirts with the fabric inside-out, creating the desired worn-in look. One of his most iconic designs is the Ivy-inspired pop-over shirt with a button-down collar, especially in the brand's "La Haina" print. The Reyn Spooner brand aims to channel that heritage and attention to quality and combine it with modern fits. With many designers like Engineered Garments infusing a little bit of island culture into their Spring/Summer collections for 2011, it wouldn't seem out of place to see this brand's popularity rise. Under the helm of CFDA-winner Gordon Thompson and designer Alice Chen-Galloway, the two have taken the brand into the future by doing things like collaborating with streetwear brands like Stussy and opening a flagship store in the youthful Waikiki.

the brand's interesting take on micro-corduroy shirting -- a woodblock pattern.

same shirt, different view.

the revamped brand has made forays into outerwear like blazers


loud patterns are prevalent through the collection.

patterned shorts and solid corduroy pants make an appearance.

as do patterned board shorts.

kind of makes you wish for an endless summer.

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Love the corduroy woodblock-patterned shirt.

Any notes on retailers carrying Reyn Spooner? Or would it just be best to hit their webshop?
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thanks. this stuff is great.
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Reyn Spooner shirts were part of the uniform worn by every dad in my hometown when I was a kid, along with shorts/khaki's and flip flops/white tennis shoes (summer/winter).
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I still have a bunch of pop-over BDs.
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Originally Posted by ahjota View Post
Love the corduroy woodblock-patterned shirt.

Any notes on retailers carrying Reyn Spooner? Or would it just be best to hit their webshop?

here's their customer service contacts, they should be able to help you out:

Phone: (866) 558-1067

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Reyn Spooner's are very popular in Arizona. I have a popover buttondown with the hawaiian flag and some other designs. I also have an Arizona Diamondbacks shirt made by them.

They make shirts for Arizona and Arizona State University and they even make one for Brophy Preparatory Academy which is the all-male Catholic high school in Phoenix. If they made one for my Catholic high school in Tucson, I would purchase a shirt.
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the brand has a strong following among trad types in Japan, which is where i first saw this stuff.
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Fred Segal in santa monica carries it but their web-shop is non-existent. I tried on a couple of the shirts this weekend and they fit really nice, similar to the Our Legacy fits they are displayed next to. Sirts are all about 100 bones.
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Rad stuff. I'm glad they brought it back but the cuts are still pretty bad...
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The inside-out is pretty great.
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micro-corduroy shirting looks quite unusual. [URL=]cell phone spyware[/URL] Like it. But the quality does not inspire confidence.

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waooooooooooo great ....hattsss...offffffffffff


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