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That does not look too small at all. Enjoy it!
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Found a used Seiko SBDC007 (no X logo Shogun) on Yahoo Auc and won it at around ~270 USD. Pretty good price, but it's seen better days. The glass and bracelet being a bit beat up is a-ok for me since I had always planned to replace the proprietary glass with sapphire and I prefer a NATO strap over the standard bracelet anyway. The case is in great shape, but I'm gonna have to do something about the bezel one day here.

Anyone ever had a bezel replacement from Seiko? Should be well over a hundred smackeroos I imagine.
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I just ordered a Timex weekender for $21 on After putting it in my cart, it fluctuated from 20-something dollars up to about 40 dollars, and when it suddenly dropped to $21 I pulled the trigger. Simple, basic way to save my dressier watches the wear and tear of hiking trips and weekend afternoon errand-running. And it looks like something the Fantastic Mr. Fox would wear:
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Originally Posted by Leanderthal View Post

I just purchased my first poor man's watch. Bulova from amazon. I am completely novice to watches. I wanted something simple and understated. It's 37mm, and I'm wondering if it looks too small? I've read that anywhere from 36-40mm will do most men, and I don't have exceptionally large wrists.
(Sorry for the crummy pic) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I think the size looks just about perfect for you.
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For anyone with a Sumo, get the Crafter Blue rubber strap. I'm very impressed. Best strap for a Sumo by far.
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Casual Hawaiian shirt Friday

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Good looking watch! I'd like to pick up an Orient next...

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PSA Regarding Shinola: I just saw that Filson has all their Shinola watches at half off.

I actually really like the looks of the "Journeyman" GMT... but still don't think I could fork over $350 for one.
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Wore my Alpinist on a nylon nato today. Sorry for the flash, but I didn't take a photo all day in the daylight, and it was impossible to get a non-flashed photo with that nice burst green dial that I love. :)


Also realized after taking the photos that I forgot to set the date, I wonder how that is possible. Oh well. As long as nobody noticed. ;)


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I switched my Scurfa Diver One from the stock NATO to a two-piece Zulu a few days ago and it's been glued to my wrist ever since. The stock NATO is pretty high quality (I believe he sources them from Toxic Natos) but too bulky for my tastes. This is a definite improvement in my book.

If you don't mind quartz, I highly recommend Scurfa. They are designed by an actual professional diver and he definitely puts them through the paces and still keeps the prices low. They are planning to put out their first watch with an automatic movement sometime in the coming weeks too.
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Sporting clays on a Sunday morning calls for a Seiko SARG007 field watch
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I love that watch. Pics of the band?

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