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Originally Posted by Boyd View Post

What's the name of the first pilot watch?

The Laco Augsburg.
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Originally Posted by Commodore Mark View Post

I think we have a winner. I really like the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic.


I am a vicarious shopping genius, clearly!  Also, take a look at this.  If you're quick, you might get it for nothing.

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White face isn't necessarily "flashy" but I think I know what you mean as "gets too much attention".  I'm personally a big fan because they are easy to read and very clean looking.  I wouldn't change it.


The leather band idea would make it less bulky.  And that chestnut color band would make it a bit more casual.  But also keep in mind the current metal bracelet is also considered casual and committing to a colored band limits your options for an outfit having a complete look. But all these things are just nuance.  The watch is a big chunky masculine watch.  I'd just wear it and maybe get a nice double layer (meaning fully lined) leather band for winter.  Switch it back to the bracelet for summer. 


Just my 2cents!

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One of the girls who works for me picked up a Daniel Wellington in the rose gold look with the brown leather strap.  I have to say for the price that the watch looked great.  If I were collecting "poor man's watches" that I would probably have one in my collection.


On a related note, Jomashop has many of them for over half off right now.  You can get one along with a second leather strap for under $150 which is pretty crazy.  Note I said leather strap though.  I think they look awful on a Nato.

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Check Aliexpress, Daniel Wellington watches are available for $6.

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They may not be legit on Aliexpress. They sell a LOT of fake watches on that site.
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My girlfriend bought me a Daniel Wellington a while back. At first I didn't like it but I find myself wearing it all the time.

It's slim, simple and has a decent movement. The band is surprisingly nice for the price as well.

I wouldn't wear it over 30 as its a fashion watch but otherwise it's fine.
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A.B.Art OA103 with eta 2824 and sapphire glass. My poor man's Junghans Max Bill.


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My new acquisition plus a crocodile strap to go with it:
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I don't think Baume & Mercier is a PMW.
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I didn't think I could post it amongst all the pateks and rolexes
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They can definitely be found in PMW territory, especially the ETA-powered Hamptons. Fantastic value for a piece with such a long history, and a strong name.
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You can post ANY watch in that other thread. I don't think it's right in this thread.
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I was ogling these myself a while back; there are plenty under the $1k PMW threshold at Jomashop and the like.  I'm not sure anyone ever sells them at their $4k+ official price, but for sure there are a lot to choose from in three figures - even the mechanical ones.  For example, this under 800 bucks - and that's the larger size men's auto version, and not even the cheapest.  Quartz and smaller/ladies sizes are cheaper still.


I really came close to hooking one of these myself but picked up a vintage piece (Glashuette Spezimatic Weldzeit) instead at the time.  And then got fired.  Once the court case is over and I get another job, I might still have this one  on the list.  It really is a feasible PMW,  and strikes me as incredibly good value.

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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post

I don't think Baume & Mercier is a PMW.

This one comes in at under $1000 and thanks for another temptation by the 'pernicious enabler" :crazy:

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