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Originally Posted by Chuckie Egg View Post

Very nice smile.gif Maurice Lacroix is not a poor man's watch

According to the used price definition in this thread and the amount I paid for the watch (new and in a regular department store) it is :paranoia:

Although at the time (I was still in college and jobless) it sure didn't feel like a poor man's watch.

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No, it is not a poor man's watch. Keep it for other threads in this forum, please.
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Originally Posted by DjangoV View Post

My main watch (use it nearly every day) is from Maurice Lacroix. I bought it some 6-7 years ago and I am still very happy I bought it. I don’t recall the exact model though and regret I didn’t keep the original box it came in:

It's a ML Les Classique (they came in different executions) smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Chuckie Egg View Post

It's a ML Les Classique (they came in different executions) smile.gif

Thanks for the confirmation. I thought as much, since it has many similarities to the current Les Classiques on the Lacroix website.

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Ouch, tough on not keeping the box!  Whenever I get a watch resized, I promise myself to keep the links.  Yet somehow I always lose them.  I gave a watch as a gift to someone, and, oddly enough, it was a perfect fit (I have very thin wrists).  But since I'm considering giving my current watch as a gift to my nephew eventually, I have to be sure not to lose the links.


Now where'd I put 'em again? :P

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Originally Posted by TheBurnOut View Post

Grabbed this one off CL a month ago. Was obsessed with auto racing as a kid so even though it's not a more 'traditional' brand, I like it. From what I can tell its powered by the ETA 2824. Keeps good enough time to keep me happy.

Really nice quality watch with distinctive design that works really well. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into it. smile.gif
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The three I rotate between. The Oakley watch sees a lot more time on my wrist than the Chase Durer. The Movado doesn't get worn very often. It doesn't make a bold enough statement for my liking.

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Finally did flashed the null ROM onto my Samsung gear. Now it's rooted and can install all sorts of stuff, hopefully. Put in a free voice recorder and now hopefully can go past the previous 5 minute mark.
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Quite happy with my new Bulova from Macy's
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My Titoni Airmaster Pilot is on its second strap but still keeps time to within 5 seconds a day, and I never tire of its looks. It can be had for about $400 from on-line sellers.

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In the market for a new dress watch, and looking to spend 3-400. Really like cream/tan faced watches, and looking for something similar to these:

I like the brown leather, tan face and ideally looking for a chronograph. Any suggestions?
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A good chrono is going to be hard to find under $1K.
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should have mentioned I am willing to buy a used watch. just looking for some ideas of decent chronos in that style/palette, and then plan to be patient with sales, ebay etc., so the watch could retail for higher than my price range.
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There are loads of mechanical chronos under $1k. Judging by your second link, that "rotary" watch, your best bet is a Strela (new about $400-$600). They are solid Russian movements and have a lot of history and presence (this was the first watch worn in space, the one on Gagarin's wrist that he would have used to help time engine burns). The same models were marketed under the "Sekonda", "Poljot" and "Shturmanskie" brands with slight differences in size, finish (red gold, gold, brushed, chrome), and dials (black, silver, cream, white). The best ones are the cyrillic Strelas. With so many cheesy fashion brands cranking out ETA powered clones, look outside the box for something with uniqueness. There are many guides out there documenting the variants (some have shrouded pushes, others not, others slightly so, different crystal materials and shapes, etc). Beautiful watches:




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Originally Posted by Shikar View Post

Shit. Do you guys think Omega is a poor man's watch?


I want to be a poor man like him :)

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