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Another new pick up, a Rodina. On black and gray nato strap.
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Originally Posted by Sander View Post

Hm. The Nassau also seems unbalanced to my eye, indexes and hands too fragile. Of the new Rolex models, I quite like the Explorer II. But if I wanted to buy a diver right now, I'd seriously consider the Tudor Black Bay.
I have a MKII Kingston and love it. Aesthetically I really like the overall look of the Kingston. I believe the hands on the Nassau are a little thinner. Regardless I am much more interested in the upcoming non-date 3-6-9 Nassau.

As for the Black Bay I was a huge fan but once you see that the round hour markers do not belong with the snowflake hands then you cannot get past it.

The Pelegos is in my top 3 list. If it was stainless steel it would top my list.
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Tudor make superb watches. But those are to be discussed in another thread, not the Poor Man's Watch thread.
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I got my Timex. 


It is the perfect watch for me and I need never own another.


Goodluck on your watch hunting guys! :D 

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Originally Posted by Oli2012 View Post

I got my Timex. 

It is the perfect watch for me...  

You should treat yourself nicer, cause you are worth it. biggrin.gif
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Had my place broken into last week, and all the guy stole was an empty backpack and a cheap dress watch.


So now i have an excuse, and my riki watanabe is now on the way from chino watches. It'll be my first auto, and the design deeply appeals to the industrial design graduate in me (which is why i chose it over the obvious SARB031 recommendation).



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poor man,

parnis (chinese make)

I know the strap is abit small, just playing around with it.

and casion submariner

I have both the strap changed for the weekend. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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My seagull in the wild!
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Just got my watch back from servicing after 6 weeks, yay!  I've had it since childhood and it's my daily wear so am very fond of it.



Keeping to -1 sec daily, so well within its OCC spec, but am hoping it will settle better :)


(Yes, the date is wrong but it was the 24th when I took the picture)

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^ Looks nice. What is it and do you have a better pic of the dial? Is it white or silver?
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I already asked in a another thread, but, I'm looking to pick up either a Seiko SKX007 or 009. I just cant decide. regardless of the color, I plan on putting a brown leather band on it. Now, I never wear black clothing. Black or Pepsi?
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Not trying to be sarcastic here, but:


Get whichever you like more. Just pull the trigger on one. Whichever you pick was the right one. If it's really that close, then one could argue it doesn't matter which you end up with 'cause it's a tie.

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I know. I like them both, but just feel like the pepsi might look cheesy or might get sick of it.
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