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Hey guys, I'm 20 and will be getting my first real watch.

My style is banana republic mixed with urban outfitters with some asian jazz in there as well.

(I'm asian)

I'm a college student and would like to keep this under $100.


I never thought I would ever wear a watch again, but this summer I will not be able to have a phone due to my internship and watches do look pretty sweet too.


So I know nothing about watches.  My last watch was a tiny blue digital timex with velcro back in 7th grade.


Here is a watch that I really liked from earlier in this thread, with brown strap.


I hear a ton about the seiko 5, but I don't really think it looks good.  I mean it's not ugly, but it's kinda messy looking imo.

That looks cool too in brown, but they're sold out =/


I like these too


I'm open to any suggestions.

I'm looking for a slightly classy/classic watch with a brown strap.



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Update:  I just realized I have $1700 in my paypal from selling my gold on my runescape account from like a year ago.

LOL i totally forgot about that and I never used paypal until that watches site told me to pay with it.

So i guess my budget "could" be a little higher =)

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What model Seiko is this?  Gorgeous...

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i bought my first watch ever, a timex t5k173, for jogging.


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Running on a Seagull st2528 moon-phase movement. Made by Thomas(the guy who handled the 1963 re-makes from Seagull HK and i think still provides the 1963's) at his new company from the collective design of watchuseek chinese subforum participants for this project watch. limited to 150, all sold.

The dial colour is the same as the 1963's. 40mm case. nice features: signed crown, signed buckle, signed rotor, signed strap. blued (painted) hands, screws and rotor.
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I've got a question for you guys.

I have a watch with neon (that glow-in-the-dark yellowish green color) hands and numerals that I'd like to repaint white. Does anyone know what type of paint would be best for this, as well as what instrument I could use to accomplish this?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Wristwatches is a very broad spectrum. I myself fall under the "Snob" section (Which means only swiss pieces, no ETA movements, all in house, not obnoxiously over sized or jewel encrusted watches) But without getting into that much detail I will say that for new comers the best intro watch is a Omega Speedmaster. It looks great, is stainless steel and black so its easy to wear and has a horological history. Online they run for about 1.4-1.6k. That or you can get a Rolex DateJust pre owned, with a sapphire crystal two toned in gold/stainless or white gold/stainless online, they run about 2.5k. Stay away from TAG and Movado their the same price and terrible pieces. Either the Rolex DJ or Omega Speedmaster can be the last watch you buy if you no longer want climb higher into the horological hierarchy.

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To whom it may concern - you can find a fairly good overview over (mainly sport) Seikos in the lower price range here:
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Would you wear "dead people's watches" (vintage watches)? Usually high quality vintage watches can be found on ebay for cheap (GP, Omega, IWC, etc). What do you guys think? Prices are good, but I've been one to never like wearing pre-owned items.

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I've been one to never like wearing pre-owned items.


Why?  I somewhat understand if you don't like to buy pre-owned pants or shirts, but what's wrong with wearing a pre-owned watch?

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Can Anyone help me on the Value of this watch? I got it in the Mid to late 90's. its been in my attic forever just found it over the weekend. 19mm band



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New Nauticas usually cost $100-$200, athough i doubt your watch is worth anything close to that.
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