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Xezo Tribune Automatic 2121SS with ETA 2836-2 movement equipped with the Incabloc® shock-absorber device. Number 257 of 500. The picture doesn't do the watch justice. It's sleek and slim and very low profile.
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bumping this to see any other poor man watches
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I was looking into getting a hamilton, does any one have experience with them? Specifically this one, the conservation.
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Originally Posted by Grey View Post
EDIT - This shit is ace for $218:

Got it. It's a nice darkish green. Quite small though, and the strap barely fits my wrist.
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Can I play too?

Newly eBay'ed Seiko SND221:

On my tiny wrist:
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Filson bag ate my Timex.

Seiko SKX007 diver's watch just came in.
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In my quest to buy myself a watch for the first time I went to a place I dread, the mall.

I actually found two watches that I liked.

Tissot PRC200 chrono w/ brown leather strap. Was $400 in the store but I've seen it for around $280 on-line.
And the Jorg Gray 6500 (made famous by Obama). $320 in the store..not much discount online unless I go ebay(sketchy?) for $275ish.

I tried both watches on. I liked the looks of both on me. Here is a bad quality pic of both

I know these are both quartz movements (Tissot swiss/ jorg in japanese) and not high quality time pieces by any means.
So should I:
A)purchase Tissot
B)purchase Jorg
C)hold out for a higher quality automatic

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This thread is till going on? and still called the poor man's watch,...?

I think the title should be changed or the the thread should be closed by a mod.

This has nothing to do with a poor man's watch. An Omega?
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it's the recession dude! Rolex level ballers are now forced to only buy the poor man's Omegas... edit - obvious sarcasm isn't so obvious...
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post
it's the recession dude! Rolex level ballers are now forced to only buy the poor man's Omegas...

OK then, so what kind of watch do you rock?

Given the recession of course.
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I used to wear an Omega but given the recession now I can't even afford any watch!
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Nothing says poor like Rolex.

But yes, financially speaking, times are difficult. It's rumored that Exxon-Mobil laid off 50 members of congress.
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Poor Mans Watch is somewhat misleading due to some of the watches posted, but everything is relative. I am a Rolex diehard and love the one I have and can't wait to save up for the last 2 I want, but I have no problem wearing my Parnis watches or my Accutron chrono. It would be nice to see more homage watches such as Parnis and Alpha in this thread. They are quality watches for the price paid.
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After wear my gray Gshock and black Timex, I want to buy a dressier watch. Can anyone recommend me a budget (50>) watch? Silver or Gold watch with black or brown strap? Thanks! Have my eyes on a Timex Easy Reader?
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Seiko makes the best automatic watches under $100... my opinion they also make the finest auto over $5k as well (the spring drive movement)
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