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The issue with Bright Futures is that the product is all too sportswear looking, nothing classic or vintage.
The issue with Sutro is that the collection is fully out of touch, it's very 2005, hence the type of musicians they have sponsoring the brand.
I'm really into finding brands which are both modern but stick to classic styles with very good quality of materials.
Tetsuya Okada, this guy.. he kills it. Not only has he been in the industry for 25 years, his vision is unreal when it comes to eyewear. Granted i do business with him, but i've found it hard to find anybody better in the past 10 years. I'm always looking for a better or more enlightened product, yet in some segments it's hard to get past the top quality mass market items.

I would love to start a thread here where we can discuss eyewear not produced by a large brand, there are so many talented designers but they're overshadowed by the big money which is the big three of eyewear.