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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
Which, in reality, is basically middle of the road. He's not bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but one of the top players of his generation? I don't think so.

Okay then. I will gladly take 8 others of these "middle of the road" players along with 5 "mediocre" starting pitchers (say 15 win, 3.5 ERA?).
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[quote=edinatlanta;4087939]FUCK that Yankees thread.


Best part of this thread is the first quote
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some gems from the onion:

and this article:

Jim Joyce Accidentally Deletes Book He's Writing With Armando Galarraga

NEW YORK"”As umpire Jim Joyce and pitcher Armando Galarraga completed the writing of their book, Nobody's Perfect, Monday afternoon, Joyce accidentally highlighted the entire document and hit the delete key, thereby destroying all 240 pages of text. "I just cost that kid the whole book," a teary-eyed Joyce said to a group of reporters, adding that up until the end, the writing was going perfectly. "I was sure I put my finger where the period key was, I swear. But it was the delete key. It was the biggest moment of both of our writing careers, and I blew it." Though Galarraga forgave Joyce rather quickly, the umpire insisted on crying for a few more hours.

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I don't know about anyone else, but I have a feeling this season is shaping up to be total crap.
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Does anyone know if Cubs games regularly sell out? I'll be driving cross country towards the end of April and will be traveling through Chicago for the first time. Would like to stop at Wrigley, but I'm not 100% sure what day I'll be there. I'm thinking either the 7:05 game on Tuesday the 26 or the 1:20 game on Wednesday (both against the Rockies). Will I be able to buy tickets at the gate?
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Absolutely not. Mostly because they're fucking terrible. During the week you can easily get seats.
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^Excellent, thanks.
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Great article on Justin Morneau by Jason Stark on today. Check it out if you baseball lovers, or people who've had concussions, get a chance.
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So my kids are going to grow up tortured baseball fans. 1986 was such a long time ago. The team doesn't even have to play to be complete fuck-ups.
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Way to set them up for a lifetime of disappointment.
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Bump for opening day tomorrow. Got lucky a couple of days ago and happened to do a search for tix for the second game of the season (Cliff Lee! ) just as the Phils released additional tickets....low and behold, a couple of tickets popped up in the section right behind home plate. Going to be awesome to hear his name announced. Hopefully the Phils have enough healthy position players to field a team. Edit - apparently opening day is today, but Phils don't play until tomorrow, so whatever.
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Excited for the season to finally get underway...go Giants!
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Originally Posted by TheIdler View Post
Excited for the season to finally get underway...go Giants!

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Dodgers baby Dodgers
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O's win AL Wild Card, make improbable run to WS and win in 6 over the Phils.
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