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Originally Posted by embowafa View Post

Off Playoff Topic, but this....THING is going to go off whenever the Marlins hit a homerun at their new park.

I wasn't aware that Versace did stadium design.

(Posting on SF trying to ease the stress I'm experiencing on account of my Brewers.)
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First time I've seen Gallardo toss; kid's looking good. 

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TONY PLUSH!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing game! Honestly, I thought the Diamondbacks had the momentum going into the 10th. I wasn't confident. What a great result!

Now, if the Cardinals lose my happiness will be complete.
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I love Nyjer Morg--er, Tony Plush.

I also love how twice TBS got him dropping "FUCK YEAH" over the air. His "sorry" was awesome.
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Well, now that the Phillies and Yankees have flamed out, I guess ESPN can focus on Rex Ryan for the next few months until Spring Training.
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Hey DCG, how's those Phillies lookin?
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Would have preferred to see more of the Phillies' pitching against the Brewers, but I guess I can settle for a little more Chris Carpenter. (How did this happen?)

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^ I am a little down about this, I'm going to go ahead a blame Oswalt. You know who wouldn't have lost that game?? J.A. Happ.
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Oswalt did everything but fortify that pitching staff...


Then again, this doesn't help:


Howard: AVG. .105

Pence: AVG. .211

Ibanez: AVG. .200


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Even though the Tigers did very well against the Rangers in regular season play, I have more fear for this series than I did with the Yankees. The Rangers have lots of depth, and they have an intelligent, savvy manager. At least, Verlander will pitch twice in this series. Not happy that Porcello will pitch twice at Texas.
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^^ leyland readjusted. Mad Max game 2 and 6. Porcello only Game 4.

losing delmon hurts, but every tigers fan FINALLY gets to see cabrera bat 3rd.
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fuck. i forgot about joe buck.
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It's a shame the weather had to intrude so much on the rhythm of play last night. 


I'm not sure why, as I assumed I was more of an AL guy, but Brewers Vs. Cards has my attention out of the two Championship Series'.

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the hits just keep on coming for the Phils. now Howard has a ruptured achillies tendon. he's fucked.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

fuck. i forgot about joe buck.

Francona does well as a TV guy! Takes some of the boredom out of the Buck drone.
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