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So happy to see Pineda back. Dude is dirty. 

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McCarthy and Porcello both coming off complete game shutouts tonight! Should be a good one and hopefully a quick one. 

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Frederick with another gem. I remember when people were ready to toss him to the wolves a few years back. People forgot he was only 21-22 during his struggles.
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This season has been so incredibly difficult to watch. As soon as the other team scores runs the game is effectively over. The Yankees are 4th to last in runs scored.

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Bad news on the Anibal injury as well. He was penciled in to start Saturday but then threw yesterday and had more pain, thus the Tigers are shutting him down. Yuck. At least it makes life easier for Ausmus if, big IF, we make it to the playoffs figuring out the rotation. Does he have the balls to put Verlander in as the 4th starter? Time will tell.
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Adam Dunn taking his strikeouts to the Bay area!

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Ya'll see the Verlander nude with Kate Upton?

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Lol. Yeeeep. You can even see his baseball uniform tan line.
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Looks like the Astros have fired Bo Porter. I expect the Astros will return to their winning ways now that this decision has been made.
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Hoping for a repeat performance from pitcher Kyle Lobstein. For a rookie, he showed great confidence. This certainly will not be a boring September.
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Lobstein delivered! A come from behind win in the 9th inning. Now, would some one please inform the Royals that it is time to stop winning?
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Is it true the Yankees are going to bury Jeter alive in monument park at seasons end?
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Hopefully before.

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Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

Hopefully before.

Will there be commemorative patches, hats, tshirts, herpes tree posters available?
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This whole season has been so cringey. The only man who can save this team is the native son Alex Rodriguez. Firing Randy Levine would help too. 

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