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I was actually at the game, but left after the eleventh inning. I had a feeling, with some of the Jay's bats, this was going to be a long one. I was kind of relieved that we didn't stay for the entire game.
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They are saying sprain for Machado. Surprised they aren't doing an MRI. 

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. Stinking loss for the Tigers. PNC Park is gorgeous!
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PNC Park is really great. Pittsburgh is an interesting city. It's very blue collar but then you have things like the Andy Warhol Museum, PNC Park, and Falling Water just a bit outside of town. Make sure you go to Primanti Brothers while you're there!

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Take away the disastrous first inning, and the Tigers played well enough--though not pretty--to win.
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Nice, didn't know they had one at the park! Love those sammiches.

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Game two, at PNC. Though s loss, it was not an embarrassment.

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And, here is YOUR Detroit Tiger lineup..... pitching, Buck Farmer!

Oh my. The cupboard is bare. But, one never knows. So with Sanchez out for a month and Verlander out for the next start, our starting pitching staff consists of Farmer, Ray, Porcello, Scherzer, and Price. How fast life changes.

I have nothing but praise for the PNC Park baseball game experience. Great venue. The riverfront and the bridge. Friendly crowd. Lots of quaint "Bucco" traditions. Fans who know and love baseball. Great variety of food. Fresh popped popcorn. On both nights, the Nat'l Anthem was sung well and with good taste. A real, live ballpark organ! (I'd love that job.) The stadium announcer was mature and professional--not a screamer. The incline of the seat rows is much steeper than Comerica. Seats are much closer to the field.

I stayed in a row house in the nearby Mexican War Streets neighborhood--about a 20 minute walk from the park. Walking back late at night, after the game, was not a problem. The entire city is absolutely alive and beautiful.
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Post script: Buck Farmer did well for his major league debut!
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In a game where the defense was sloppy, the pitching poor, and the bats were silent, this was the only highlight:

Tiger Traxx, of course.

It was appropriate that Austin Jackson, now CF for the Mariners, received a standing ovation on his first at bat.

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Finally, a decisive win as Rick Porcello pitched a 3 hit complete game shut out. #14 for him. A grand slam home run by Victor Martinez did not hurt, surely. Meanwhile, Kansas City loses a game--at last. I have nothing but admiration for the Royals who have "done it" without big super stars and a bloated payroll. Next week, the Jeter Farewell Tour comes to the "D". I'm sure all three games will be standing room only.

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Brandon McCarthy has been goddamn amazing since the Yankees got him. My dream rotation for next year would be Tanaka, Lester, Scherzer, Pineda, McCarthy, CC. That's right. A 6 man rotation.

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Ugh. What a waste of a start from price
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Detroit Tigers - 6; Minnesota Twins - a whole lot
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Detroit Tigers - 6; Minnesota Twins - a whole lot

When I saw the score it was 6-5. I go away for ten minutes and it 12-5. Yeeeshhhhh
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